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A New Menace

The Spy Lords of Pollux

In the Pollux Cluster, things are about to heat up. The Coalition, led by its leader Master Djimmu, and his trusted acolytes the Ti , want something from the surface of planet Arndsts. Unknown to The Coalition, the Kagomine's rapid re-armament program had them discover flight maybe a century ago. Their internal squabbles with their neighbours, the Moniqans and the Rannick, only made sure their military was a sharp implement, especially their Navy.   But can a relatively small Empire hold out against the expeditionary fleet of several planets?   Can you help? Or would you join the invaders in their political battles, preventing, or committing, war crimes?   Arnd is an earth-like garden world populated by Arndans, who are like humans except their skins are colours regular humans aren't (there will be humans as we understand them later in the story, there's a reason for this). 420 day years, m-class sun bit warmer and more massive than our sun, you could live on Arnd for a while and not find it too different from earth. Sure some of the flora and fauna are a bit out there, and they have magic, but the basics are all covered.   So why do those aliens keep on invading? What do that want? How do you keep Arnd safe for future generations? Or even just avoid the odd void fighter crashing on your property?   Important characters:  
  • Amalthéa Kagomé, Meihomei(means highest-of-highs), Empress of Kagomei, middling priestess
  • Maëlle Comma, Naval Officer, very strong priestess
  • Amarat Jr Veneer, Amalthéa's nephew, strong priest and Naval Officer, eventually Flora's spouse.
  • Flora Rolli, Naval Officer and strong priestess, eventually, Amarat's spouse.
  • Xiang Xhi, princess and eventually, Queen of Moniq, Top-10 Priestess.
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