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Edict of Innu

From Meihomei's Desk, Kagomine Palace at Megamisama, 12 Dock Street, Megamisama, JXH2K1NM7


To my subjects, greetings,


I write to you this day to address an injustice prevalent in our realm, one which was allowed to flourish for far too long. I speak of the discrepancy of only allowing male-female relationships to count as valid for legal purposes. As is often the case, my worthy subjects of Innu Domei decided to be the first where this inequality would not stand. I am writing to all of you in this edict to declare that we will follow their footsteps.

Now that I have declared this as my edict, for the purposes of contract, insurance, rent, tort and association law. Couple therapy will not be limited to different-sex couples, nor will the services of priests or sorcerors.

Decree, Royal
Authoring Date
Ratification Date


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