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Green Court of Megamisama

"Welcome to the court, I am Presiding-in-Green Caith Sealer, I have just come from discussing with both parties, we have agreed to an adjournment of four weeks. I take it your client will not be leaving the country?"   "I am afraid to say,, and mean no disrespect as I do so, but as my client is an accrediited Diplomat and instructed by Meihomei to represent Kagomei abroad, that is quite impossible."   "I will fine your client, and find him in content."   "I'm sorry, but that is impossible."   "By what grounds?"   "I am the Valour-keeper of Kagomei , I am the Fount of Honour, by what privilege do you call me a liar, when your own court depends on me for jurisdiction?"   "I.. see your merit. I do not, cannot see the Star.. Wait, you have one star and three merits?"   "By a quirk of the law,, as Valour-Keeper, I am granted one more Merit than anyone else, even if that one is me, prior to assuming my own role."   "So you held two MERITS? And now you are a Star-Emerald-Knight, and hold three Merits, as well as the honour of all the armed services, the integrity of all courts, and the trust of Meihomei herself?"   "I will try to be worthy of the trust of Analecta Kagome Kira Takahashi , she who founded Kagomei,, and is my own ancestor."   "By the law of Kagomei, I should recuse myself, I won't simply because there is no one who canot recuse themselves when you are brought to court. This procedure is now illegal."   "I'm sorry?"   "It is possible, difficult, but possible, to bring suit against Meihomei herself. It is difficult, but not impossible, to bring suit against the Apihmei of Kagomei. It is just nonsensical to bring suit against the Valour-Keeper. I'd fine you for wasting the court's time, but you'd only pay if you want to, since you counter-sign the paychecks of everyone I'd send to collect!"

Purpose / Function

A large, stately building, marble and blackish granite
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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