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Innu Dogmen

"Brother Dogs, I would speak!"

"Yes, Brother Candid?"

"We are visited by this young whelp, these days, and his Bitch, packmaster."

"By all accounts, he is not only respectful, Brother Candid, but he is also a descendant of Innu himself, by get of the Bitch Queen, the Alpha's dream mate. What does do that causes such concern?"

"He asks pointed questions, about politics."

"His mother is the interim Domei of this land, surely those are valid questions."

"He is get of the interloper?"

"He is get of Mikhala, who is get of Prithyanka, who is get of Atalanta Dandelion."

"He is get of the great lady?"

"Get and his boxes of honour are lined in green now, he will likely be the next Meihomei"

"What, him? He's a brat. Scrawny."

"He's got more honour than he knows how to do with. And enough green in his blood and eyes, and medals that he will not be trifled with, do you hear me, Dogman Candid?"

"I listen, pack leader, I do not like it, but I will not act alone! The pack is all!"

"You have any idea how much trouble you're going to get into for this?"

"For what?"

"For getting the actual green scarfed couple to give you the actual, honest-to-the-elements, high-faluting, tutu-wearing, green scarf!"

"Listen, no one knows I have this, and no one believes in the ridiculous prophecy anyways."

"Except, you're the Bameimeito already, it's hardly as ridiculous for you to become Meihomei."

"Listen, yes it's ridiculous, because..." He didn't want to even finish the sentence, what the greenscarfed couple had said, what it implied...

"Because what?"

"I don't want to talk about it..."

"What happened? You never told me the whole story..."

"Ugh, ok, but you gotta promise to keep it a secret, on top of everything else, I got no idea what it means..."

"Ok, I promise. Is this a safe enough place?"

"Innu chapel? Yeah, the guards are Meihomei's own lifeguards, from her main regiment."

"So seconded to third fleet?"

"Yeah, like 51st Skycutter Squadron: World Surfers."

"How many would obey my orders?"

"An OF-09 of FlyForce, seconded to fifth fleet? Hmm maybe some."

"How many would follow you, Thistle of third fleet?"

"All of them, I can kick them out of the regiment, they better not do anything stupid."

"How come?"

"You have to ask?"

"No, how come you get preferential treatment?"

"I don't, not more than usual. Third Fleet Kon Thistle is just a license for nepotism barely disguised as an excuse, so giving it to someone who's already got bigger favours to hand out makes the most sense. Also, since Kons are thought to be hardworking, I don't get seen as being given a pass... I work for Meihomei, like the rest of em." The officer in charged of the guards approached, discreetly.


"What is it, Melkur?"

"I knew I'd seen you before Mei-Zim, we have been tasked with orders for you and Eagle Rolli, if that's who I think carries those red locks."

"I stand at attention to orders, LGOF-04 Brass Melkur!" Barked Amarat, while Flora just saluted.

"It is my Mei pleasure to congradulate Eagle Rolli on her ascension to my Eagle's Aerie, I commend her on her swift rise and her confounding her enemies. It is my Most Mei Pleasure to congradulate my Hero and nephew, Amarat Veneer Junior, Feyd Veneer, Legendary of Kimaguray, on his ascension to Valour-keeper of Kagomei and Star-Emerald Knight of Great Kagome"

"Zim?" The other man's eyes were burning.

"Melkur, Marhamat Dandelion, Valour-Keeper of Kagomei, Regim-For-Life of your regiment, died in action against the enemy, the way he would have wanted. Easy on that, the lady and myself are both relatives."

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