A polydactylous, green-eyed, green-footed otter native to Goguryeo, Jor-Jie is an unusual resident of the Kagomine Imperial Palace.  
Adopted by Shibué Dandelion, head lifeguard to her Majesty, Amalthéa Kagome, she was chosen for her keen nose, fully equal to any bloodhound's, despite her more diminutive stature. Trained as a portable 'sniffer' fully capable of hiding in her Mistress' sleeve, she can through her keen senses, detect 'invaders', that is those members of the Coalition who replace Arndan people for the purposes of infiltration, sabotage and terrorism.


"Whos is this?"


"Tit-tit. Tit-gnaap."


"Be nice, Jor-Jie, the waiter is bringing you snacks."


"Tit-tit. Tit-tit-tit."




"Jor-Jie, like Djor-Djie[emphasized], it's a Goguryean name, means bright green, for her eyes."


"Thank you Madam, will Jor-jie need more mussels?"


"No, she's had all that I dare give her tonight. Can't have her go fat."


"Tit-Tit, Tit-Tit."


"Yes, you're growing fat, miss green eyes."




"Smell anything interesting, Jor-Jie?" That was the code, Jor-Jie's training would activate.




"And there?"


"Tit-Tit, Tit-tit!"


"Let's get a closer look."

  "Hey, Shibué, how did your day go my love?"   "Jor-Jie here earned a reward, she's caught one of the invaders."   "Euh, hi? Does... does she bite?"   "Oh, no, silly, oh you've never had an otter?"   "Not a green one, nor one quite this dextrous..." Jor-Jie was demonstrating, wrapping her eight fingers in each hand around his two indexes.   "Funny."   "No, I never had an otter, just cats. What does Jor-Jie eat?"   "Tonight, Jor-jie earned a treat, she gets to eat Kagomine Mussels, a half-pound of it, sweetened with honey. That's the reward she earned in training, and I'm to continue rewarding her like that, to reinforce that training."   Jor-jie was eating, and her step-family, all four adult cats, and all four Aquafold kittens, were roaming. Jor-Jie had smelled them, they smelled like the human she met today, most of all, but also like her mistress. She was not afraid, mistress was so good to her. Raven, the kit's mother, mewed imperiously at Jor-jie, her own green eyes intense.   "Dit-Dit."   "Mew!"   Jor-Jie understood, it was a request, but a strong one, eight to one odds. But wait, those are babies. Babies always get the pick of food! Jor-Jie thought to herself, realizing the cat was asking for her babies what she'd have asked the cat herself, had she kits of her own, and started to use her very nimble fingers and opposable thumbs to pass a piece of mussel to each kit.   Shibué asked Linni: "Is it safe to give honey to cats?" As she watched the proceedings from her couch, folded, almost collapsed on it, it'd been a long day.   "Yeah, they don't usually like it, but in small amounts its ok. You put a teaspoon full on the mussles in total, and there's eight cats, as long as they don't hoard it, it's fine."   "No one is hoarding, but the little ones are getting big pieces..."   "Those aquafold have huge metabolisms, I've seen the adults eat a half pound by themselves, before. Let alone growing babies, just big enough to have their own teeth. Let me walk in." As Linni blocked the kits from getting more than one mussel each, Jor-Jie got the message, and stated to spread the bounty around, to very appreciative adult cats, and to herself, all nine quadrupeds in the house doing a passable imitation of a contented purr, at worse.   The kits especially, were rolled up on their backs, heads together, and batting playfully at each other's paws in a circle. Linni hadn't seen anything quite this cute in a long time, but then, Shibué surprised him, and threw Pretty's soft ball at them, and they kept bouncing it up and down, passing to each other, Momma Raven extracting Sensible from the game for his mandatory mommy-induced licking bath. He started, realizing he couldn't see Jor-Jie anymore... Then felt a tap. "Click-Click." The otter had climbed up his body, and was curled up around his shoulders.   "Oh, me and that girl are going to have words." Shibué said with mock-heat. "She can't have my nice-shouldered man, he's mine." Jor-Jie touched her nose to his.   "She's just keeping me warm... And possibly purring at me for the food. I think she really liked it."   "And I had nothing to do with that?" Her tone sharp, she retorted, while he was walking back to her, standing next to the couch where she sprawled. Jor-Jie just jumped from his neck area to hers, covering her neck with kisses, her back paws safely on her shirt near the shoulders, and her sixteen fingers patted down her cleavage   "Hey, that tickles, hahahhahaa."   Then Jor-Jie held out her plush otter.   "You want me to hold her?"   "Tit-tit."   Shibue wrapped her hand around the plush otter.   "Dit-dit."   "What?"   The otter just wrapped herself around Shibué.   "Aww, I love you too Jor-Jie. Back to work tomorrow?"   "Tit-gnaap, gnaap-gnaap."   "So what's with the plush otter?"   "A remnant of her training, she brought it with her in her cage."   "I meant, what do you think it means, that she held it out to you?"   "Oh, the lab people said it represented family, she was always holding it out to her mom before they got seperated."  


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