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"My boy, my beautiful boy, a boy no longer!"

"Must we watch? This is embarassing"

"Nellun, more aircooked corn! Shush, it says a lot about a man when he lets his miptun watch his Kanacera, especially the vows."

"Do I get to see your declaration of belief then?"

"Sure, but it was boring, there were fifteen girls, we all said the same platitudes about feeling protected by the elements and grateful we hadn't been harassed."

"You thank the elements for not being harassed?"

"Sure, why not? Besides, I've seen what happens when someone tries to harass a young girl protected by the elements, I almost pitied the man. He was burned alive, sensitive bits first."


"I'm not saying I pity him though, there's a line around consent, and a child is way deep in there..."

"No argument. Oh, Elements."

"I Amarat, being of sound mind and body, so solemnly swear to cherish and protect my future partner, I will be a responsible, honourable priest, I swear not to abuse my power, nor to treat them badly, or take them for granted."

"You don't even specify it'd be a girl?"

"I didn't know back then, and I'm a politician, best leave your options open."

"Oh, and how do you feel about it now?"

"There's this woman, she has her fingers around my brainstem just from twisting my nose... I'm helpless and hapless, heaven help me, I swore not to take advantage of her... I have no such protection."

"Oh, are you afraid of me now?"

"I know I'm in above my head..."

"Not that deep..."


"I don't have to swear not to be a jerk to you, especially since you are going to have live-in lifeguards for the rest of your life."

"You're still a priestess..."

"Duty does NOT condone taking advantage of people you're supposed to take care of."

"So, your sponsors would get angry if you mistreated me, good to know..."

"Yeah, don't mistreat me, I won't mistreat you." She dimpled at him. "Besides, you were so cute, so precious back there..."

"I was an eleven year old boy!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing..."

"I, gulp, thought you preferred mature men!"

"Oh, touché, but I do prefer mature men, especially when they were so cute as boys, the babies will probably have everyone going googoo gaa gaa. You were such a cute child, I wanted to tickle your cute little chin..."


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