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Mako Tsumon

I am Mako, I am the niece of the cat princess of Tsou. As a member of the royal family of Tsou, I am allowed to use the family name of Tsu in other lands, it is so much simpler than explaining how I am related to the king each time, I find it much convenient! I am a small trader, I do import-export for Tsou custom house. No, being related to the king only matters if you're much more closely related than I am. There are thousands of Tsou people with the family name Tsu.   I have just moved to Megamisama this month, it is an interesting, bustling city of twelve million, so many people! I have met so many interesting, cordial people! My neighbours are such a vibrant young set! There's so many handsome men, especially. There's this handsome man on my floor, he's rather dreamy... He works over at Kannie's at #2, as a Sun'ga, Dentrag is his name.   I keep looking up at him, I mean, he's so nice and tall... I guess his Miptun... feels the same way, we're both small women looking up at him. She's rather pretty herself, if you like strawberry blondes, which... I kinda do, I mean, I do like Dentrag a lot, and he's one? What? I try not to limit my options the way you're thinking. This is uncanny, I am mute, so normally, I don't communicate quite so fast, so intimately with people, I feel like you're pulling the answers out of my mind!
Year of Birth
794 AK 21 Years old
Bright Blue, with folded corners


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