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Nightsky House

A six-floor villa designed around its central, spindle-type stairwell, full of light, fed from a crystalline(pure quartz crystal slats) roof on its central tower, fully five meter high, and three meters in diameter, reaching all the way down to the ground in six side towers, then surrounded by a legally protected forest, and a white-sanded beach half-taken over by pearl divers when pearls are in season.   Its distance from the city of Starkastar means it's interactions with the rest of the settlement are sporadic at best, and so, for as long as the house has stood, it has been a place for local worthies to take vacations and have parties.  
  "Welcome, Mei Guests, I am Ladumbro Rhuten, I will..."   "I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I will be Sun'ga, here, Ladumbro, I thank you for your assitance, in advance."
  "I'm sorry Zim, I haven't recognized you in your uniform."  
  "What's that I don't recognize you in your uniform nonsense?"   "I don't know, probably that he doesn't remember me being sensible, I partied pretty hard the last few times I was here. He probably remembers everyone but Galatea too..."   "Oh, so your exes got invited here too?"   "When they weren't my exes... They invited me to their beachfront properties, and I invited them to mine. Sounds fair, right?"

Purpose / Function

A large private dwelling, the name was chosen to reflect the breathtaking view one hand from the original tower.


  • Built in 15AK, there was little alteration to the original floor plans until 215AK, where the side buildings were added, the central tower raised by two stories.
  • In 319AK, the crystal slats covering the central tower were designed and installed, using then-state of the art techniques.
  • In 476AK, hurricanes damaged the structure, blowing off half the slats, but a repair programme, approved at the highest levels, meant that in 478AK, equivalent slats had replaced them, keeping the outward appearance quite like what it is today, except for the materials of the outer shell of the building, which were then pink sandstone.
  • In 799, in honour of his wife, Mikhala carrying their first child(Amarat Jr), Amarat Sr. carried a costly programme of renovations using his personal funds, to the scandal of many other aristocrats in Kagomei, who'd have been quite shocked to know it was expected in his native Benevent. The titanium he added to the structure raised its resistance to earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and other disasters, while the replacement of the pink sandstone for blue-veined white marble.
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