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SC.2023.31. Pelican-Class Logistical Skycutter

"This study is about the feasibility of extending range and other useful characteristics of Pelican-class Skycutters to other roles. We refer to publication FF-123012 for the original statistics and useful numbers related to the aircraft."

"Publication FF-123011 is about using pelicans as gunskycutters. We do not concern ourselves with this application, except to state that the airframe, equipped with two Sirius Descender-Sugar engines, is underpowered for four 30mm rotary six-barrel GUA-13 autoguns' recoil, if nothing else."

"Back to our original purpose, on a forty point evaluation grid, the proposal meets twenty-eight."

— A study on the feasibility of extending the role of Pelican light vtol skycraft to other purposes, Imperial Flying Forces of Great Kagome presses, 801AK, Megamisama.
A hard lesson

"Please kill me now."

"I'm sorry, I cannot do that, Namei Amarat."

"Ugh, that wasn't as literal request as it seemed, but surely, there must be some sense somewhere in Meihomei's Flyforce that strapping enough firepower to an airframe that it's flying BACKWARDS, despite the engines at full emergency wartime power, that there's something wrong about this application?"

"Yes, someone, somewhere, decided it was a bad idea, someone else, however, asked some of you fine young folk, with great situational awareness, about ideas..."

"Noy jitat!"

"Namei Amarat!"

"What? Like senior Kons don't talk like that on the daily?"

"Err, I'm sure they've earned that privilege, but..."

"There is no way I'm walking out of this class less than a Kon in charge of personnel on one of these birds, are you saying I can't partake?"

"Err, I doubt you've done so badly as that, but you may want to keep in mind, partaking, in this case, is meant to be a rare event..."

"Ah, I guess I should not partake every time? That's what you're saying?"

"No, if I may say, Zim-Kon-Zim has been deep-dipped to go on a Cormorant-class Airborne Early Warning Skycutter, but it would be helpful if Zim-Kon-Zim kept it under his hat."

"A cormorant? What's that?"

"A similar class of skycutter as this one, vtol, etc. But with traffic control capabilities that had not been seen before. Indeed, the jade banks aboard one equal to those aboard a commercial or military airport, if not exceed them. This is still under testing."

"So not just hovering, transporting goods, and the like, but loitering?"

"Well, this airframe lets it do all that, but the cormorant can stay in the air around 24 hrs. Some of the transport versions can do 72hrs without refuel, and can circumnavigate with enough refuel. Our goods can be airdropped or air-picked-up anywhere, and brought to where they need to go."

"I know I'm in the logistics class, but I'm not sure I am up to speed on logistics?"

"You're in the running to be the next Cat prince of Kagomei, with one of those, you could airdrop an alliance-breeding cat in every country for at least two weeks until you came back to Kagomei."

"Oh, that's funny!"



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