Reading of the last orders

Content/trigger warning: suicide

"Attention to orders!"   Silence. The squadron was there in toto, which never happened, except under such unfortunate circumstances. Oh, and two females, in civilian dress, oh, this was not my favourite idea at all.   "I am FFOF-02 Gyrfalcon Klavya Nuomintang, 76TH Hyper-Actual, 'The Jolly Rogers'. I am here because of the orders left for FFOF-02 Gyrfalcon Konig Friccker and FFOF-01 Kestrel Hikaru Jaeger." She paused for a moment.   "At First Shift, First Bell of their last patrol, they were ordered to take flight, bearing hypersonic missiles, for Barrier, Combat Air Patrol. Which they did, at 76 minutes into their patrol, they encountered coalition hyper-Vs making atmospheric re-entry, as per orders, they communicated to the invaders to withdraw, which they did not." She took a drink from her glass of water.   "As per orders, they engaged the invading craft, using many of their advanced skills, indeed, the reviewed footage showed such advanced piloting, it's already being used in simulations on how to gain maximum advantage against the enemy. However, the hyper weapons the enemy deployed did not get distracted by either pilot's countermeasures, and both craft were destroyed, ending their lives instantly. We will now hold a minute of silence, then I will read their final orders."   "I open their final orders, in from Megamisama Palace, which were received just for this ceremony." Another pause. "Officer Konig Friccker, is to be now addressed as FFOF-03 Skua, and to receive the insignia of Rembrandt's Memorial Medal for Distinguished Service. Officer Hikaru Jaeger is now to be addressed as FFOF-02 Gyrfalcon, and to receive the insignia of Rembrandt's Memorial Medal for Distinguished Service. Both are to be proud of their service, and go to the afterlife with the blessing of all Kagomé. Both are a credit to the Service, and to the Empire of Great Kagomé, I am proud to wear the same uniform. Please, those of you taking their effects, please make yourselves known."   "I am..." Her voice broke. "I am Naria, Naria Pounder, I am a clerk in the city, I also translate news for the nightly broadcast. I.. Well it doesn't matter now, but I was living with Konig Friccker, and was hoping he'd propose."   "I am Minsa, Minsa Haryase, I work with Naria, I introduced them to one another, I, I bear Hikaru Jaeger's child..." She couldn't continue, and just broke into tears. Naria took one side, Klavya took the other, and they went to the nearest mess hall. With five thousand servicemembers aboard ship, one was never too far. In the back, where the brass wouldn't inquire too closely, there was always a bar area, and behind that bar, was always a non-commissioned officer. Even the highest ranks, above quota, took turns. This one was not that high, but NFOR-03 Quarter-Spear Kironton Nyukki was plenty, and an experienced hand. He poured drinks for the assembled crowd, and gave the sobbing woman a few minutes.   "Kon?"   "Yes, Zim?"   "We got us a new mommy."   "Oh, found out when you read the last orders? That's not good."   "Principal probably didn't go knowing, either."   "Happens way too often, but we gotta soldier on, and so does she."   "I can't say I'm liking your tone, she had a life with him, now he's gone."   "She has a life with him, and a baby to remember just what he made her feel..."   "That's manipulative..."   "Maybe, but she's going to need all the happy thoughts she can get, Zim. And we fight this fight for survival, her having this baby, it's not exactly unconnected to why we fight!"   "You got your medical license in order?"   "Yes, I've already checked, the baby's healthy, and she's early enough along, she can have one drink..."   "You knew what I was going to ask?"   "I've done this maybe 20 times, so far, it never gets easier. But, with respect, Zim, if she cracks a smile, you ain't got no morale problems in that unit for a month or two..."   "I just want her to be ok, that unit is my problem."   "She'll be fine, provided we reach out to her, make her understand, she's not alone. We used to read orders for the family, at these, but we stopped."   "Why?"   "Some just couldn't take it, they just snapped, took their own lives. So we stopped, and your job, and my job in this, is to check on all these people, and make sure they have a reason to live."


When a member of the Kagomine Armed Services is killed on duty, his superior officer is expected to 'read his last orders'. That is, to read alound a proclamation of the facts of his death, as ascertained by the service. This is done to prevent rumours, gossip, and bad morale, especially if the slain was an officer, commissioned or not. At this time, any pending half-stripes, if the death on duty was due to the enemy/some risk that the slain was taking on behalf of Kagome, are rounded up. Any promotions earned through this rounding up are announced at 'the reading', and any medals the slain have earned are presented at this occasion.

Components and tools

The official 'last orders' are delivered by courier. Any earned medals or insignia earned is also fast-tracked.


The audience is always the slain's unit, and any family they have.


Occurs after the death of a service member, when in the performance of their duties, after the proper investigation, tallying, etc...
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