Responsible Disclosure

"Hey, look who's joining us for breakfast Nellun, it's Falcon Flora."   "Her wit will inevitably brighten the mood around the table Zim, should I prepare the Tcha?"   "I won't be having Tcha today, Nellun, but feel free to prepare for yourself, or for our guest."   "Oh, what are you having then, Amarat?"   "I just ordered this Hodaoyar, I plan to try it."   "An extractor? A Keffiyeh-extractor? You must be rich... Oh wait, nevermind, you are richer than anyone else I know, of course a few thousand won't harm your balance sheet."   "I do think this is a good purchase, it's 9 stars on prom starbe."   The imperial hymn started playing. Amarat immediately looked for his communicator, he knew who was calling. Your ruler calling your own personal number was not usually a good sign.   "Yes, Auntie?"   "Amarat, I need to talk to you..."   "What about?"   "Actually, I wish you had stayed in town this weekend, we have a lot to go over..."   "In Megamisama? You know I never stay there longer than I absolutely have to."   "That'll have to change. I want to make you officially the Domei of Megamisama, as you are due as my heir. And as they are due someone to take care of them."   "You're doing a fine job!"   "If I am doing a fine job of taking care of Megamisama, I'm surely neglecting some further away corner of my empire, you know this. You taught me this, years ago, when you were still a little spud."   He blushed, he wished the adults in his life didn't treat what was childish naivety for prodigy quite so much... "I didn't know how good you could be, yet."   "You flatter, you should know better, you've not needed to flatter for some time, my Hero."   "Auntie..."   "Yes, Amarat?"   "Do I need to decide now?"   "No, but you need to decide before you return to the palace. Having your wife in the guest room, and you sleeping in yours, with... company, wasn't as unnoticed as you thought it was."   "Ugh."   "Hush, I know that was a sanctioned party, I saw the Aumhava permits. I signed the aumhava permits, well countersigned... Your wife signed them... I wouldn't have if she hadn't... Not cool if you were cheating..."   "It was her idea... Plus, she's the one saying 'no nookie for you, I'm pregnant...'"   "And she organized a reverse gang-bang for you? Hmm, you must be treating her right... Oh Frick, Honey, is she listening?"   "Err, yeah. Well she pretended she wasn't listening, but my wife's ears aren't redder than her hair, usually..."   "You are so in trouble, Amarat!"   "And here I thought naively, that good keffiyeh would get me in your good graces..."   "Oh, you got that new machine? I've been dying to try it..."   "Auntie, since I'm about to have a wifely meltdown, I'm going to sign off, if you want to come convince me to become Domei of Megamisama, and want to taste that Keffiyeh, why don't you come over instead of slinking Flora away for low tcha, and we can chat."  
  "Thank you for having me, Aumhava."   "I couldn't refuse Amarat, he's been so dutiful to me lately... And I love our low tcha together, Aumhava."   "No, you are Aumhava."   "Here, you are Aumhava, not I, Flora, please."   "Err..." She stammered.   "Here, you are Aumhava to us both, dear." Spoke her mother-in-law, which completely short-circuited Flora's brain.   "Wait, two Domeis, and Meihomei, and I'm Aumhava? How does that even work?"   "It's simple, here, you are Aumhava." Spoke Sothlee De Byzance By the grace of the Elements, Aumhavar-Byzance,By the grace of the Elements, First Duty and First of the Nine, Aumhivina Kautanissian. "Here you are the ultimate moral authority, and we wouldn't dream of telling you your business."   "You..."   "Can offer opinions, advice, and the like, but in Veneer City, and the surrounding Feyd, you are Aumhava, you speak for the Elements."   "And I get that from marrying Amarat?"   "You got that when you convinced him to name you Aumhava, instead of me. It needn't have been marriage. It usually is, when you have my son's... undivided attention, I'm sure you can be quite persuasive."   "That sounded quite primal, I don't need... I don't need to go that deep, do I Amarat?"   "Only when you want to, my dear."   "That doesn't answer my question..."   "You only need to twist your lip to turn me a puddle, why you'd ask if you need to do anything else puzzles me, my love."   "All right, why aren't you joining us, dear?"   "Err, because I need to pour everyone's drinks first, and I haven't mastered the machine yet, dear..."   "Oh, is it turned on dear?"   "Yes, it is just not accepting water... Oh, got it..." Choo-choo-choo.   One-third of a cycle later.   "Sorry, everyone, here are your drinks."   "Hmm, tasty, I won't give up pumpkin spice anytime, but, it is tasty..."   "Thank you, Amarat, delicious."

Purpose / Function

A lavish personal residence at first.


In 760AK, a new owner had the property increased substantially. The three-floor, pre-Kagomine style house being augmented with a eight-floor glass and steel and titanium tower that 'steps over' the house, being wider, and having an eiffel-tower type four point foundation. The original house was unaltered, to the point that one steps into the legs of the tower to go up, not inside the original house(now reserved for formal/religious occasions).   "I still believe I actually let you see the house first."   "The house?"   "The original house, before Kagomé."   "What, that's more than 800 years old?"   "905 or so, by now. It's the oldest preserved structure in Kagomé."   "And I got to see it 'first', before what?"   "Before the nice new areas. You got to see the high tcha set."   "I was your mom's guest, for high tcha, of course I get to see the nice tcha set."   "Yeah, it usually announced a terrible relationship, before you came along. My mom trying to match me up with someone in my class..."   "Except, I'm not in your class, I'm Military, and my mom went to Kon-School just to pay tuition."   "I always thought paying people with special skills to go to school to learn more skills was a good idea, what did she learn?"   "Sailing, then Thistle specialties, but that wasn't obvious?"   "I'm used to people having great ideas outside of their specialties, it's what happened to me, I wouldn't have put it past her to be a missile tech on port defense launchers."   "You just don't have a specialty, you're a great generalist, you'd make a great Telbun, for that matter."   "And just what do you base that on?"   "The fact that the past and current Telbun, as well as the past Valour-keeper of Kagomei think you would have done great."   "Hey, you're not supposed to tell me about those evals."   "I'm your commanding officer, I'm supposed to decide if telling you about your evals would do good."


The original structure, built of native stone, is built on a circular plane, with a cross to stiffen the center. That means on the first floor, the house went originally like this:
  • Entrance/Lobby
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Study
The second and third levels had bedrooms, with the master bedroom on the third level, overlooking the Lobby. Each of the second level bedrooms is dedicated to one of the alchemical elements, and can serve as a shrine. There is a button, in the master bedroom, to lower a ladder from the upper structure, so that one can climb up.


A truly civilian building, dating back to more peaceful times, it has no defenses, relying on the city wall of Veneer City, which encompasses the property.


A few tourists visit the property each year, noting the great age of the original structure, and the radical architecture of the newer parts. Less well known, a few sorcerors visit each year, knowing the place to be a place of power, directly straddling the Veneer-Dunkehl Dorsal Spine, one of the four major Power Conduits in Asirania, note that it does not touch the Sook-Zenith-Simular Spine.

  1. One cycle is 1 hour.
Founding Date
Mansion / Villa
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