SC.2023.01. Tsou Ministry of Culture

Among political entities dedicated to political control and suppression of dissent, the reputation the Tsou Ministry of Culture has gathered for itself is enviable, it's reputation for respecting the free will of its citizens, much less so.

It is responsible for:

  • Internal Security
  • Policing Activities
  • Anti-terrorism actions
  • Propaganda prevention and response
  • Intelligence
  • Counter-Intelligence
  • Food and drink quality
  • Restaurant and liquor licenses
  • Sentencing, as well as Court Maintenance, Security and Records
  • Tourism, visa emission, verification and admission to 'sensitive' sites
  • It is currently estimated by New Etruscan analysts that the current Tsou government would simply cease to function if this key ministry would cease performing its many, many, many duties.
    — Chapter XI: Tsou, New Etruscan Handbook on Foreign Affairs, Tzekaukus, 813AK.


    Organized in bureaus, the Ministry is ex-aequo the largest government office in Tsou, equalling the Tsou military in size. The bureaus include:  
  • Education: from pre-reading levels to university, every Tsou citizen is trained to feel the ministry's eyes upon them
  • Culture: all art forms require a license for public performance or exposition, all books must be approved before publication
  • Interior security: riot control, terrorism 'prevention', disaster planning all fall under this bureau
  • Quality control: all food and drink produced and/or sold in Tsou must be inspected, as well as certain luxury items, it is thought that there is a huge amount of graft involved in luxury items traffic.
  • Culture

    The ministry rightly believes Tsou society cannot function without it.   Where the citizenry and the ministry disagree is whether or not this is a good thing.   Most prior rebellions occured before the ministry existed, so its ability to actually prevent or act upon a rebellion is as-yet untested, according to most accounts(few know of the Tsutomi challenge, as knowledge of that was expunged.)

    Public Agenda

  • Defend Tsou culture from assimilation, mis-transmission, incompetence and negligence.
  • To Serve Truth

    Governmental, Ministry
    Alternative Names
    Predecessor Organization
    Silky ones, Silk Gloves
    Parent Organization
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