SC.2023.03. Water, Dihydrogen Monoxide

Arnd is the land of rivers, any continent of consequence being covered in rivers and lakes, but especially the former. This abundance, and the development of ways to operate dams and generators in eco-safe ways naturally led to this being the main source of power in Arnd since 765AK. Alternatives include fuel cells, wind power and solar power, but they do not (yet) form a competitive alternative to hydro power for large-scale needs. Fuel cells are used for mobile applications however, and the very largest mobile applications, such as Flycarriers, combine them with solar panels of truly ridiculous scale allowing for trace levels of emissions.

— Family Atlas of Arnd, Power generation plate, p.345, Phoenician Geographics, Tzekaukus, 812AK.
Something usable

"Hogwash! That's only part of the problem, there's learning how to make dams run effectively, which the Moniqi have a monopoly on!" Irmgard Shamtzli was pacing.

"Sir." Her aide hurriedly answered.

"Call him in!"

Moments later, Command Master Chief Petty Officer of the New Etruscan Navy Soitan Flandral "I come as ordered, minister." His tone of voice, only a degree above absolute zero, clearly indicated he thought this was an imposition. No matter, thought Irmgard.


"Can't you give me something, anything, I can use?"

"Err, Minister?"

"On the topic of water power generation, our 'allies' are leveraging our treaty commitments to make us look bad!"

"Errm." He managed not to say: 'I told you so.' Once.

"I know you said we shouldn't make those commitments, I agreed with you, yet here we are."

You agreed with me, but didn't vote against the idea, either, Minister. And I took notes. He thought to himself.

"Right now, we cannot build more than 10% more hydro power to supply our needs..."

"And this number is significant because?"

"Because we promised forty, no matter what was practicable. Since we're very opinion-driven here, we will sink in the polls, no matter what we do, even if we do increase our posture, reduce our emissions, and improve our sustainability."

"And yet, you're here. The armed forces can help, to some degree, for some limited-time things, we cannot address fundamental problems with the civilian economy." He'd said the same thing to her five times, he hoped she'd get the point.

"Can you make these numbers sound any better?"

"Yes, of course, some of them at least. Just expect our enemies to strike, no matter what I do."

Water is a privileged power generration method in Arnd because thanks to the water cycle, a heavy, dense liquid material rises, and gravity allows it to fall down again, following the geographic relief of the planet.

Elemental / Molecular


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