SC.2023.10. Laidanese Seadip

"After the signing of the Lai Dang treaty, the people of the city came out in droves, there was dancing and singing all evening, clearly enjoying their new place in the world, carved through the terms of the treaty. The party led to truly epic nights of song-sync for quite a few people, according to the local mavens."

"After this banner year, and every year thereafter, the Laidanese came out and celebrated in like manner, sousing themselves in drink, food, parties, song-sync displays, and the odd dip in the sea as a group. Tens of thousands participated in this year's collective dip."

"It happened on the first day of summer, and everyone rejoiced!"

"Hundreds of bathing suits were strained that day, many were lost, two suit tops were found by silver maskfish and brought back, they seemed to think it was a playful game."

— The summer of Peace, article in the Lai Dang Inquisitor, 816AK.

"Wipe that smirk off your face!"

"What smirk?"

"The one I know is there."

"It's not, I'm innocent, really."

"Ok, so you're not gleeful that I lost my top in the sea last night?"

"I'm not gleeful you lost your clothes, I am gleeful you chose to kiss me, despite being a little drunk, is that ok?"

"What, I kissed you?"


"Oh, my elements."

"The elements didn't do any of the kissing."

"Oh, and who did?"

"Why you did, isn't that what I just said?"

"What, I kissed a principal?"

"I'm Linni, I'm not a principal."


"You said that yourself?"

"I said you were not a principal?"

"You said I was too much of a Ninny and a Linni, I couldn't be a principal."

"That doesn't make much sense..."

"Why not?"

"You're still a principal, no matter your name, or my opinion of how serious you are."

"You were drunk, I'm allowing a whole lot of loose logic for that."

"Did anything else happen?"

"We went to this nice beachside concert."

"Oh? Who was the act?"

"I don't know, I'm not really aware of K-Music like Amarat or Flora are."

"A K-Music concert? On a beach?"

"Yeah, some Kobewan lady..."

"Kobewan? Like Kantsumi? That's like K-Music royalty."

"Stick with me kid."

"I'm older than you, and a priestess, you're the kid."

"Which of us went to a concert drunk and had to be told what we saw? Seems like the adult isn't adulting..."

Hmmph, he's got a point though. Shibue thought to herself, she wasn't going to let him get the point though. After a second trying to think of a good rejoinder, she just stuck her tongue at him, he knew he'd won the round, but didn't say anything, knowing letting her save face now might be better in the long run.

This tradition is quite akin to many traditions in our own earth, where with the arrival of summer, or early in its onset, one finds an excuse to go out in the evening with like-minded folks and enjoy the heat, sun, and water, if any. Some examples include:

  • FĂȘte de la musique
  • FĂȘte Nationale(Quebec)
  • Memorial Day(USA)
  • What makes this one 'peculiar' is the treaty, whose like probably will never see, think the Eurozone commercial accords, including free trade, extended to 80% of nations(The UN recognizes 195 nations at present, so it'd be almost 160 nations). It includes the equivalent of the USA, Russia, France, UK, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Indonesia, China(both Chinas, and signed in one, Lai Dang city is as akin to Taipei as I can make it).
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