SC.2023.16. Volcanic Undana Ash

Being extracted from the extant lava flows from either underground or underwater volano eruptions at temperatures seldom less than 1200 Celsius, these ashes, while required for the tasty dish native to the island, are never a restful part of anyone's day.   Burning sulfur hydroxides, sulfur nitrites, nitrates and oxides is not the safest thing to attempt. Now imagine that the Undana-Re extremophile fungi basically do this particular operation just in order to breathe and feed themselves. Under pressure, at high temperatures, in a highly acidic medium, that is, the geothermal vents found opening near the atoll.   The wasteproducts of this creature turn the ash from highly acidic to mildly acidic, enough that the soil ph on the atoll, into whom the ash is mixed in by the wind, is only somewhat more acidic than the average Arndan soil, despite the influx of acidic lava from the process currently creating and buttressing the island. Some of those byproducts are biologically active, such as ethanol, and a few of the local fauna have been affected, and inversely, some unicellular organisms, such as E.Coli, are totally absent from the Atoll except where humans bring them.
The cleverness of fungi, New Tsou City Press, 816AK.


Physical & Chemical Properties

It is only slightly acidic, functioning almost like a base in its natural environment, as it's produced in highly acidic surroundings.

Origin & Source

The coral reefs, volcanic vents and fumerolles surrounding Undana-Re atoll are the only current source.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The activated charcoal particles and weak acids normally produced by the many chemical processes allow it to de-acidify stronger acids, and some sulfur-based toxins.

Cultural Significance and Usage

They make edible the only plant on Undana-Re atoll, so finding, gathering and bringing back some of this substance is considered a rite of passage for teenage residents, making them as functional adults.
Sour, and fade
Ash-like, gritty, slightly bitter
Light grey


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