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SC.2023.25. Shinzon

A Shinzon is a Tsou, Laidanese or Abendinian(any of the descendants of the Laidanese or Mako ethnicity) employed to ritually gather cherry petals after each cherry petal day. A position of some prestige, once they had gathered all the necessary petals, they would locate 'ripe' flowers, by casting the necessary spells, and add the flowers to a mix, extracting perfumes from them, to be used by the nobility, some of the priesthoods and the well-to-do.

In early Laidanese and Tsou society, the Shinzon were matchmakers, using the perfumes they made as wares to sell, along with their counsel on who one should court. The perfumes were worn by both sexes, until 554BK, when the potent orange flowers perfumes were conceived in Tsou using a similar process, and from then on, 'cherry' flavours were preferred for more feminine wearers, and 'orange' for masculine. Trans and Intersex wearers were known to play on these assumptions, both as statements, and to confound the oblivious.


After the industrial revolution, such manual, mystical processes were found to be inefficient, and instead, the earliest Shinzons would end up being the first recyclers and composters, helping to drive research into composting the leftover petals, whose simple numbers meant that without the perfume industry to consume them, meant a colossal amount of waste each year.

This research is ongoing, to this day, and the title of Shinzon is given to the head researcher of any given Tsou-affiliated institute, but it is no longer associated with the profession that bears the name, instead being given to a high-ranking Academic.





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