SC.2023.30. Rainbow

"When the elements make it rain, then the sun comes out from behind the clouds, the elements make the raindrops dance the dance of colours and a spectrum of colours is revealed for all to see.

A beauty indeed, just let it be."

The poetry of the elements, a famous poem by Johannes-Sebastian-Mindpalatz-Amandeus Motzembach, here displays what even a small child knows of the mysteries implicit into the casting of many spells, how they take the elemental principia we study in advanced science, and apply it for aesthetic or utilitarian purposes, with the powers of the Elements.

— Principles of Elementia, Third Edition, Basic School Press, Megamisama, 798AK.

"The rare occurence of freestanding spectra occuring in nature has led many misinformed to label 'rainbow' any type of iridescence. For instance Rainbow Trout display a colourful shimmering, but the reflected light off their scales lack any color adjacent to amber."

"When encountered near waterfalls and other natural phenomena where water is plentiful, some Kagomine languages call them Element's Kiss, and ascribe to them magical properties. Similarly, some higher-power individual sorcerors and priests or priestesses will cast spells near such a spectra expecting greater elemental manifestation." The pedant's guide to physics.

"Throughout history, rainbows have been associated with renewal, the fact that a rainbow includes the rare dawn colours pink and orange, led early tsou to ban all commoners from wearing such, and reserving it for the king's banner." King's foil, a history.


When sunlight is diffracted through a thin mist of water vapour, or a thin enough distribution of tiny water droplets, the various wavelengths of light are exposed through a spectrum of colours. Commonly called a rainbow, partly because of the arc shape such tend to take.


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