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The Jar of Keffiyeh

"Halt! Who goes there!"   "Just me, Officer Officer Lansing. Here, you work so hard, I brought you a Jar of Keffiyeh." Javik Guberdot said, under his cover identity.   "Why, that's most kind, a bit late to drink it though..." And that was the countersign...   "How goes your progress?"   "Slow, their procedures are pretty thorough, I can't get to anything interesting, because anything interesting is never left unattended."   "Can you at least identify likely targets?"   "Sure, but they're like Massimi themselves, the safes are locked and have three layers of defence, plus remote alarms to three different command posts. Getting to them will not be easy."   "I am told one of the leading temples will look and find for us a way to get them."   "Ok ok well if you hit the place at around 3 am, it should be good I mean, they're replacing the guards at that time, Coalition Standard Time."   "And then?"   "And then we don't know, we're bringing the genius in, remember?"   "Oh, yeah, right."   "That was cheeky... 'the genius', you know they are the rulers of 72 planets...."   "I am uninteresting to them, and I can hurt you, badly, if you make trouble for me, get it?"   "You're a ruthless killer, got it, but are you any use? You're threatening your own side here, not the enemy who holds the resources we want."   "I am working on getting those resources, the high one will vouch for that."   "Well, the high one will surely appreciate more useful information..."   "The youth the highest one of the Temple of Chalant  is interested in? I've seen him..."   "That is useful information, where can we find him?"   I will give the information to the high one in person, I have no intention of letting you steal it from me. Same with him, I value my life in service, but for that, I have to stay alive."   "The tih don't do this kind of thing."   "Glad to hear it, I still want to live. Anyways, I have information, where the youth lives, what guards he has, extensive. It'll also be... expensive."

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It has good thermal isolation, and a specific, eight-sided shape through to be symbolic to the invaders


Unremarkable, this keeps the keffiyeh warm, a thermos of a specific design.
Item type
Common and unremarkable
20cm tall at most, traditionally, 15cm square or octogonal base
Base Price
Pretty cheap, usually used with cheap Keffiyeh(drip coffee)


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