Attention to orders

"I call your attention, Sailors, attention to orders!"   "Zim-Zim!"   "Introducing myself, I am Taimine MaĆ«lle Comma, here to execute my orders!"   "Begging pardon, Zim, what are those orders?" Following the protocol to a tee, that must be the XO, Maelle thought, and answered:   "By the grace of Meihomei, may she shine in all particulars, it is my charge to take command of this Fleet Element, you may address me as Medjen, but you all know that for the immediate future, I am the closest thing to a deity any of you lowlife louts is going to know, am I making myself clear?"   "Zim-Zim, Tacks."   "Who? Wait, we've served before?"   "The mustache threw you off, officer Comma, you must be slipping."   "Andei? With a stache and a goatee, what small pitiful life form died and formed that fur under your nose?" She kept her tone light, but the Ballista insignia on his shoulders were new.   "I won't say, Zim. Shall I release these scurvy sea dogs to orders?"   "Execute!"  
  "How are we doing, Andei?"   "Are you the new form of hazing they're trying on new crews, Zim? Cuz that'd be some cruel!"   "No, seriously, I've just been tearing my hair out, wondering why I've been assigned to this, when everything you do is so dang perfect!"


When a new officer joins a crew, that officer brings 'their orders' for themselves and that crew, and reads them aloud at Flag-Bridge. This is the 'formal' version. When new orders are cut for an existing crew, one officer on leave, who went to town to get the mail, comes back with orders, and reads them in similar fashion. Any new crewmembers are likewise introduced with such orders, provided they are inducted in time to be included in orders.


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