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Bearer of the Dawn Standard, Moniq

"What is the dawn?"   "It is a beginning."   "Where do you look for it?"   "You look away, the sun is not for mortal eyes."   "Who are you?"   "I am of no consequence, I bear the flag, that is all that matters."   "You are one of us! Ha, see how he does not bend, even with the weight of the flag!"   "He is one with the rising sun, lifting effortless, the burden of duty! See, he rises!"   "He rises, he is of the rising sun!"  
— Diary of Tadros Dandelion, 796AK, on his accession to the order of the bearer of the Standard of Dawn

  "What are you doing here?"   "I'm here to help you with your lines, as your squire."   "My squire?"   "I also am a bearer of the medal, hence I can be your squire, and tell you about the ceremony, I did, just like you are about to, get one of these." He pointed to his medal of order of the Rising Sun "One of the more sensible traditions of the Nisei is that they expect someone in an order to tell you the right things to say and do, on your first day."   "Ok, and this squire, that's someone meant to help me?"   "In the olden days, both for them and for us, an armoured knight had a squire to help him put on his equipment."   "And a non-com can help an officer like that?"   "Yes, in fact, it wouldn't surprise me if it was the case since there were non-coms. A Squire woulld make a great XO."   "Ok, you got me there, so I gotta change?"   "No, your uniform is just fine for this, why do you ask?"   "You were talking arming and undershirts and I thought I'd be overdressed."   "We can always celebrate after."   "Oh, don't tempt me."   "Why wouldn't I? It's a lot of the fun of bossing you around."   "I've always wondered why with all the folderol about the order, in Nisei, it's in Moniq that the palace is named after the dawn."   "Oh, that's easy, in Moniq the dawn is the Hunarch, in Nisei, the dawn is a primordial, magical force. If Moniq had a medal about the dawn, by giving it to you, they'd be giving you the throne."   "I can see why they'd feel this as detrimental."


Perform some sigificant deed at risk to one's own person. Acts that signally benefit the Realm of Nisei.
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Form of Address
Rising Sun
Alternative Naming
Announcer of the Dawn, Dawn's Standard-bearer
Equates to
Similar in many ways to both Merit of Honour, organizationand Emerald Knight of Great Kagome, it is available in two grades, the lowest of which is roughly equivalent to the Merit, and the highest Grade is comparable to Star-Emerald Knight of Kagomei, the highest grade of that order. Only one person has received this higher grade outside the Princes of Nisei: Marhamat Dandelion
Source of Authority
Magelord of Nisei
Length of Term
Reports directly to
Related Organizations


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