EMS Ambulon

"Kon! Raise my flag! Raise it high! My sweet puppy is no more and those responsible will pay in blood!"   "Sister, this is unreasonable!"   "Unreasonable, my flag flying, as I go to avenge him, I think not!"   "Unreasonable that my flag doesn't fly with yours, you avenge him not alone, and Laurana "Gloriana" is with us, and she wishes to avenge him too, will you gainsay us both?"   "There was only ever room for one flag in the middle, but friends always stand by your sides! Kon, raise up masts, that my friends flags fly with mine, that the world knows we avenge Innu Yesugai this day!"   "Aye-Aye, Mei One."   "How did you refer to me?"   "High one."   "I am captain aboard this ship, the voice of the Elements, you will call me... Zim!"   "What does that word mean, it is not Moniqan!"   "It is a new word, for a new day, you will call Zim those that call you to duty, that give you orders for a position that gives them no satisfaction. I wish very much I was with my doggy petting him, not with you, avenging him. Let it be never forgotten! I carve a new word for a new land, a new place for my people, and their beliefs to live. Once we have avenged our fallen hero, we will try to find peace, for we wish no other Arndan ill, but they attacked us first."
"Thanks, that is such a beautiful story, I am surprised it's in your ancestors' diaries..."   "I'm not, they had a lot to say, but didn't want their people to know, they had little trust to be understood."   "And this is your great-grandmother how many times removed?"   "Twenty-seven generations ago, 815 Arndan years."   "So if they hadn't... done it, with Innu Yesugai, you wouldn't be here?"   "If they hadn't done it with Innu Yesugai, if Innu Yesugai's daughter hadn't done it with the first Dandelion, and if their child hadn't had children, no, I woulldn't be here and I suspect, Kagomei would be quite different."   "No doubt, I wouldn't be here either."   "Why do you say that?"   "You mentioned Miroku Dandelion, the first Dandelion, he's my ancestor too..."   "That's right, we're fifth cousins, as it is, we're not related through him, not directly, but without him, it'd all fall apart."   "What about Laurana 'Glauriana' ? What do we know about her?"   "Laurana 'Glauriana' Ouranos? Her family was folded into the Dandelions in ten generations, but her blood is yet strong and lived on, calling to greatness."   "So does the boat. MaĆ«lle told me, you can't ride that ship and not feel who owned it."   "You tell me, twice a year I rode The Grand Lady. Twice a year i felt smaller than a sailor's nail, and less important. Twice a year I felt like destiny rode her like a steed, and brought back glory for those worthy."   "Was that in the diary? Or are you practicing for a book?"   "No, not a book, well, maybe I'll write my memoirs, it's not unknown for us Kagomine to do so you know."   "I just don't have the feeling I'll read yours, and that scares me honey-bunch."

Power Generation



Sails generate propulsion by harnessing the wind

Weapons & Armament

Has two rows of 25 blackpowder cannons per side

Armor and defense

Hardwood timber construction, added metal plates on fore and aft castle

Communication Tools & Systems

Blinking lights using a mystical power source


Mostly mystical-powered spyglasses

Hangars & docked vessels

Has two "ship's boat" which are 25-crew rowboats.
The Grand Lady
Orbis non sufficit
Owning Organization
Oldest ship in continuous use in Asirania
Complement / Crew
120 crew, when both ships' boat are deployed, only 70 remain aboard, which means only 15 cannons of each side are crewed.


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