Flag-bridge is a collection of traditions dating back to the founding of the Imperial Kagomine Navy. One of the traditions is to call the ceremonial commanding officer of a regiment or above(on Terra, that would be the Colonel-in-chief of a Regiment) True-flag, Flag-true, Flag-absolute or just flag. See Meihomei's Own Fleet Detchment The highest ranking commissioned officer on board is called Flag-Actual, or simply actual. The highest ranking commissioned officer permanently assigned on board is Flag-Factual, or just factual. The above fleet detachment is an especially notable example of this, as their ceremonial officer: ME-30 Meihomei visits often, but seldom give actual orders. Valias Herringbone, when OF-10 Nessun-Honour of Meihomei's Imperial Kagome Navy visits with her on most occasions, and is Flag-Actual, as well as administratively owning, as Kagomine Third Fleet's OF-09 Nessun . Maƫlle Comma in 814 is OF-06 Medjen in title, OF-08 Taimine in actual rank and pay, and as commissioned officer officially in charge of Meihomei's Own Fleet Detachment, she is called Flag-Factual.


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