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Ainsley Shoo

"Welcome to the Imperial Kagomine Embassy in Lolland, may I have your name please?"

"I, Amarat, Veneer Junior would like to speak to Voice of Meihomei Shoo."

"And with you?"

"I am Flora Rolli, FFOF-09 Eagle 6thFLEET-Piper-and-Ex-Oh."

"By what title do you claim... Wait, I've seen your features somewhere before..."

"On my mother perhaps?"

"I've met your mother?"

"She is Secretary of State..."

"Oh heavens. Bameimeito Amarat please forgive me, surely someone could have told us you were coming..."

"Much less fun if I told everyone I was coming...  Voice Shoo is within?"

"Please make yourselves comfortable in this waiting room, she's not in yet..."

Ainsley was having a bad day.  Both the heels on her expensive shoes broke while she was getting dressed this morning, a horrible run mangled her pantyhose, and while last night's party had been fun, the hangover this morning was considerably less.  Then she reached the embassy, hoping for a quiet day reading reports.  The guest was waiting.  A guest so important she had never dreamed that he'd visit, his mother was second-in-command, and her direct boss, but he was the heir, the chief-of-state to be.  And she was going to face him with a hangover headache...  "Sorry to keep you waiting, please come with me to my office, I suspect whatever brings you to our fair city isn't for everyone's ears."

"Thank you, Voice Ainsley."  He paused while running behind her, trying to catch up to her.

Once she stopped in the elevator, he introduced the two women with him to one another.  The fiery flag officer briskly shaking the delicate woman's hand gingerly.

"I'm from two mixed lines in Kagomei, two of my grandparents were Loroni."

"That's not a concern, I'm more worried about breaking you, your fingers are so narrow..."

"Oh, I'm tougher than I look, lots of visitors to this embassy are considerably less gentle than you are... You've enjoyed your visit to our fair city?"

"I'm afraid I can't dawdle, we're here on official business."

"How can I serve Kagomei?"

"We're hoping to get tickets to International Occult Diplomacy, backstage passes, for six." And I can't tell you they're not for us, either... Thought Amarat

"You came all this way for that?"

"Flora is a huge fan."

"Biggest fan ever!"

"I'll see what I can do, I'm sure the concierge at your hotel could have done as much though, clearly, there's something you're not telling me."

The concierge is potentially watched, you're a much more stealthy acquirer Amarat added mentally.

"What was it all about really, though? Is it related to Tenebia?"

"Grr, you know me too well, yes, it's related to Tenebia, Clove Potter and Loosie Fehr are to infiltrate a terrorist organisation, using the IOD fans as a cover."

"I thought the prophecy just promised you'd be Emperor, how come you gotta work so hard?"

"Because the people who wrote the prophecy also said whoever got the green scarf would have to defend Kagomei, or else it'd be lost! I only got one homeland, I am fighting for it!"


Amarat Jr Veneer


Towards Ainsley Shoo


Ainsley Shoo


Towards Amarat Jr Veneer



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