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Cegorina Xuvorova

"Please be welcome in Kannie's at Megamisama Plaza, how may I best serve you today?"

"I'm Cegorina Xuvarova, I have a reservation for two?"

"Yes, I see it on my slate, should we wait for the next party?"

"I'd like to compose myself before I meet him, when he arrives, please send him up?"

"Of course." Dentrag had seen dozens of such meetings, he didn't quite appreciate how abnormal this one was going to be.

Five minutes later, back in the lobby.

"I've been told to come here, for a reservation, party name of Xuvorova." Yes Zim, of course, please follow me.

Cegorina rose. "Thank you for agreeing to speak to me."

"You said you had business to discuss, regarding my holdings, I'm all ears."

"Few know you're the main shareholder of Burrshire Thataway, Burrshire Fund Management and therefore Sirius Technologies . Or how illegal such ownership is."

"So you brought me here to threaten me?"

"Not to threaten you, but I am an investigator at the Megamisama Stock Exchange, your ownership is irregular."

"I'm the owner,, but I deal through a triple-blind for these things, I'm not consulted by the fund managers, they could sell off all the Sirius if they wanted."

"Such an arrangement wasn't mentioned in my brief."

"It's in the articles of incorporation of Burrshire Fund Management, no owner may direct the fund allocation in any way, they can only own shares of Thataway, which is managed by a panel of investors acting in concert, for a percentage of the profits. They are required not to report the individual stock portfolios, only the risk associated and the amounts."

"And Sirius?"

"Sirius is a defense contractor, acting within, I presume the letter of the law. The seed capital for Thataway was composed of forfeited stock of theirs, but I have no knowledge if any still is owned by Thataway."

"Actually, there's a flaw in the arrangement you took, the amounts, and the amount of risk, got flagged, only Sirius could be the firm involved."

"I have no wish to flaunt the rules, but how am I to avoid them, when you say only one company could meet these constraints."

"I must invoke the penalties of the law, but you are beyond them now."


Amarat Jr Veneer


Towards Cegorina Xuvorova


Cegorina Xuvorova


Towards Amarat Jr Veneer


Character Prototype
Physically based on Lulu Chu


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