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Kagomine Armed Service Uniforms

At a primary grade class, given on the grounds of Maëlle Comma aerospace academyfor the children of service members.

"Now onto the next lesson, who can tell me what this is?"

The elementary school teacher, one pointed to garments on a pair of mannequins, one masculine, one feminine.

"An army uniform?"

"What makes you say that?"

"Uh, it has all them military symbols on it, and the badge is a crescent."

"Why is that badge shape important?"

"You just reminded us the other lesson that only military units and nations can have crescent badges in Kagomei."

"So you were paying attention, good. Any specifics beyond that?"

"It's a Drab Bruin uniform, like my dad's."

"Your father is in the service, Tautoo?"

"Ya, wait, no it can't be a Drab Bruin uniform, the pauldrons aren't brown."

"Indeed, these are leaf green, who would know what this denotes?"

"Emerald Sloths?"

"Lifeguards, gotta be."

"Border guards are dark green, like an emerald, so Green Heron they must be."

"Why that name?"

"Ah, such trivia isn't covered by the curriculum."


"All right, all right, I suppose a short telling of this story won't affect your grades too much. So, in the beginning, before the sun became distinct from the primordial matter..."


"I'm being silly, turn to your books, page 145.

In the tenth year before the Kagomine Era, Innu Yesugai founded his elite war band of guardians, drawing them in his personal service, unlike the rest of his army. He called the regular army the Drab Bruins, and his elite bodyguards, he called the Green Herons, on account of him seeing a Heron looking after their nest, protective, more than aggressive. He also famously disparagingly named Chattering Magpies and Aquamarine Peacocks in his founding speech. During the of founding, both military groups found much glory, but especially the Green Herons, many of whom had converted to the then relatively recent faith of the Elements, and who were led in prayers by Innu Yesugai's two lovers: Analecta Kagome Kira Takahashi and Kagome Jaesa Carson Takahashi   When Analecta Kagome founded her own navy, twenty years later, she obviously named to honour her late lover. As he had been called the Slate Otter before, that became the name of the service members. Amber Raptors were named as such when Hari Pawtel, advising Meltran-who-was-meihomei, drew plans for a flying force.   Amalthéa Kagome founded the last two remaining services within your lifetimes, naming the Rabid Tavars and White Bruins in the law that founded each service for reasons known to her. To be called by those names, a service member must be wearing the appropriate uniform, and as such, the typical demonym of a service becomes a nickname of the appropriate uniform.

"Any of you have questions?"

"Do we know why he held such a low opinion of civil servants?"

"He wrote in his memoirs that he would highly respect any of them that ventured into a battlefield, armed only with words, but those that stayed in pleasant salons, fighting with words over appetizers, could hardly be a threat. Kagome-who-was-Meihomei later said: I didn't quite despise civil servants like he did, but I didn't trust them much further than he, and kept them on a short leash throughout my reign."

"Any other questions?"

"What is the significance behind all the names being named after a concept?"

"Well, not just a concept, most of the highest ranks are named after a virtue each leader is said to embody. The leader of the Green Herons is called Meihomei's Care, and is thought to embody how Meihomei cares for her subjects, similarly, the leader of the Drab Bruins is called Meihomei's Loyalty, unless she is female. That's because if she is, she gains the title of Laurana Gloriana, named after the first holder of the title, who fought at Kagomei's own side, and won victories for her, saving her life in two occasions. The leader of Slate Otters is Meihomei's Honour, the leader of Rabid Tavars is Meihomei's Secret-Keeper, and the leader of White Bruins is Meihomei's Beacon of Truth. The leader of Emerald Sloths however, is known by a seperate title, that of Netamei of Kagomei. It only fits in the above classification loosely, as it is literally guard-leader of Kagomei, but creative writes refer to the holder of the rank as Meihomei's Security, when they must."

"What about the rank tabs, how does that work?"

"Oh, precocious child! The ranks start up with nine segments, in either composite materials or synthetic emerald. The lowest commissioned rank has a single central disk in emerald, with the rest made of coloured composites. As one rises in rank, one or more segments are made of more synthetic emerald. Each rank tab is constructed, with components slotting into each other, then the sigils are grinded into the surface, and a spell is cast to bless the whole."

"Attention! Flag Officer on deck!"

"My, we have a distinguished visitor, class, please rise, while I go welcome our guest." The students stand, and mill around, uncertainly.

"Thank you, Traci Managua Valmerol, I am most grateful for this welcome."

"How can we not, the academy is named after you, Nessuna-Honour Maëlle Comma. Students, please take a good long look at the Rank Insignia, we were just discussing these, but very few ever see actual Supreme Rank Tabs. Anyone who can look at these without lowering their eyes is likely having low tcha with Meihomei."

"They're so shiny!"

"Is that pure gemstone?"

"Pure, synthetic gemstone, class, Beryllium molecularly aligned crystals, both hard and durable. And as you can see, quite shiny. The composite for the slate coloured central button and end tab is a classified material. And as you can see when looking them close up, they are marked with each of the ten sigils of the elements, anyone who falsifies one commits an unforgiveable sin."

"What about the others with her, why are theirs golden?"

"Oh, these are non-commissioned ranks, the subject of next lesson. Class dismissed."

After the students have left.

"Thank you so very much for this visit, you have no idea what it means to them!"

"Oh, I have some idea, but I have sad, necessary business, with you." A pregnant pause, then she continued. "I'm sorry to have to announce to you, Managua Valmerol, that your child Dantigua Valmerol, died in the performance of their duty, as a flight officer flying an Hypersonic Fighter off Northern Diagonal Flare 's decks under my command. As ever, Meihomei's Navy and Flyforce will do their utmost to help you with the performance of any last rites. A board of inquiry has further ruled that the circumstances were that of sacrificing their life for their comrades in the performance of their duty. Furthermore the board ruled that this qualified them for a personal award of the Merit of Honour , posthumously. I take no joy from their passing, but I am proud to have served with them, proud to wear the same uniform. Meihomei herself knows and honours their bravery."

On this day, Octem Ninth, 815, we are gathered to celebrate the heroic memory of Dantigua Valmerol, Meritant of Honour, Hero of Kagomei.  Friends, shipmates, family, we all knew them to some extent.  We all have memories we cherish of this Hero, who died selflessly protecting those in their care.  The elements charge us with standing for what we believe in, saying that we are defined by the causes we make sacrifices for.  Dantigua defined and dedicated their life to their fellow Kagomine, we know of no higher calling.

— Dantigua Valmerol's Eulogy

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Composed of regular fabrics, stiffened by additives, mostly composite materials, they allow a regular arndan to walk after a palpable hit from a firearm in a non-critical area. Covering the entire body, and allowing for a hermetic seal, they also give protection from gases provided the matching helmet(composite, with polycarbonate lenses over the eyes) Is worn.


Considered the legal raiment of all of the Kagomine Armed Services and wearing such a uniform is a legal requirement to exerting their authority(so any Kagomine intelligence officers in cover need special dispensation). This extends to the privilege of bearing arms, there is no concept of private ownership of firearms in Kagomei(there is however, an enshrined principle for bearing bladed weapons, starting with the priests).
  1. In a funny twist of events, a OF-01 Flag officer is not a Flag officer(officially, they mind flags that are not their own, explaining the discrepancy)
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Related ethnicities
Legally controlled, there is a legally allowed numbers of outfits to be produced, and when older ones are returned for recycling, a new appropriations law states how many can be made.
Raw materials & Components
Made of mostly Linen, and so very airy and light. The badges of rank are Arcano-technological, made of nine segments either in synthetic gemstones or rare composites and considered impossible to forge(that's not quite true, but any forgeries are easy to detect, precisely because the composites are rare and well known, for one, they float on water). The second reason they are rarely forged is that each one is covered in tiny religious sigils of the 10 elements, any forgery would be taking their name in vain, an extremely dicey proposition, as the magical elements are quite protective of their sigil.  Making a legitimate one is actually not done lightly, and a soldier wearing one who is not injured in a battle, but whose badges are damaged will find his pay garnished by the repair bill for the next three pay periods(still less than the repair cost of the rank tabs, especially at the higher ranks, who have a higher value just in materials).

Kagomine Armed Service Commissioned Officer Uniforms

Kagomine Armed Service Non-Commissioned Officer Uniforms


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