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Kagomine Sum

"There's a run on the Sum!"

"Any idea from where?"

"No, I see trades in Pinay Peso, Nisan Popyon, Moniqan Pun, Eurani Scrip and commodities: Gold, Jade, Silver, Thorium, Platinium, also certain military grades of steel kept under treaty locks and vaarious other escrows."

"Ok, and how bad?"

"Twenty per cent or more, it's a serious attempt to de-evaluate!"


"The Lai Dang Treaty Authority Enforcement arm meeting will come to order!" Auntie Quintem spoke, her voice like a mini-hurricane in the room.

"Yes, Auntie."

"Which of you authorized this 'experiment'?"

Wontget Bornagain looked sheepish. "I did."

"For what purpose?"

"The economy of Kagomine was running hot, too hot. And it was affecting treaty perception, Eurani nations were refusing to trade, because it would affect their balance of payments too strongly."

"So you wrote up twenty billion of your own currency?"

"Err, that got out of hand..."


"I thought to lower by one percent, against every currency currently negotiating large Constellation-Class contracts."

"Congradulations, you lowered them, by at least twenty per cent, and affected materials needed for such by as much as thirty!"

"Ouch, what can be done?"

"Nothing, right now. The contracts signed the moment the values cratered I imagine?"

"No, they proceeded during the day, and the contracts had language to stabilize both currencies for the purpose of the contract, so much that to lower the contract value by 1%, I had to lower them by 20% for at least a day."

"It will be as much as a week, by my analysis, too much was affected, all pointed at Kagomei, young pup, if you ever try to do this again without my express authorization, things will go badly for you, do you understand?"

"Yes, quite."

"Diplomatic watch?"

"Yes, Auntie."

"I want you to keep an eye on this, it's too blatant a vehicle not to cause comments and reactions."

"Yes Auntie, so far, all that I hear from delegates is 'market correction', Kagomei has had a long run of good luck, outside of Invader Involvement of late."

"Invader involvement in Kagomei is winding down, I expect a formal treaty with the Invaders within the year. Direct your eyes accordingly, all of you."

"However, Wontget, your meddling may actually help Kagomei, in the long run."


"Those contracts are for one-hundred-and-fifty billion Sums, as much as one-hundred-and-twenty-five billion Eurani Scrip, fifty billion Moniq Puns just from that source."

"That's falling under our enforcement?" Lunqui Zvei asked.

"The terms of the agreement call the treaty its master-agreement, and it follows the precepts of the treaty for fair trade, an excellent question, the answer is yes. Each of you is to deputize three economists for the next two years, I want to look at this trade upside-down, I want counterpoint analyses, aggressor scenarios, and ways to prevent, or at least, lessen the impact of such moves as Wontget did by accident, and before you laugh at him too hard. I'm worried because he did it by accident, more than anything else. If he can do it by accident, what kind of damage an unkind player could do?"

"Thank you Auntie.

"It seems the treaty members are otherwise happy with our efforts at enforcement, and feel treated fairly otherwise. Good job, team. About the invaders, when I or Wontget hear more from Meihomei, you'll know, it seems they have picked Kagomei as speaking for the Treaty, and a backup ambassador, Undersecretary Lusitania Van Pelt has been dispatched to them."

"What about Secretary Veneer?"

"She is on medical leave for her pregnancy."

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