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Lunqui Zvei

"Welcome to Burrshire Fund Management , I am Lumqui Zvei, I am the principal fund manager for our individual investors.  I am sure I face the formidable Linnnaeus Van Pelt and Lusitania Van Pelt , scions of the Veneer Family?"  

"A pleasure, I am Linni, and this is my sister Lusi."

"Pleasure's mine, cousin Amarat didn't say anything about our fund manager being quite this handsome."

"And he said nothing of your diplomatic talents, but I did my research, you are both, respectively the fastest rising civil servant and the second fastest rising civil servant in Kagomei, with decorations from Meihomei herself.  You are also not just fast rising, but eighteenth and sixth, respectively, in the overall hierarchy of state."

"Only Amarat himself could have told you anything this detailed."

"Oh, oh, no, he would not.  He would not tell me anything.  His mother, however... felt that my advice to you would benefit from knowing just how important and connected you both are."

"Oh, Auntie Mikhie, always looking our for us."

"And giving us lots of work..."

"Well, that way it doesn't look like favouritism, if we earn it..."

"Well, I doubt she told me more than I absolutely needed to, but she did say you were both doing fine work, and that helping you with your finances was important enough to Kagomei, she thinks this is something she feels you could expense."

"Just how much money can you expense sis?  I haven't checked my account since I was a Ci-04 Director ."

"Oh, I can expense small things, without coutersign."

"She left me this... paperwork."

"What, you're kidding?"

"She is Nameihomei, and a diplomat. I am trained as a legal documentarist, if I falsified these documents, Meihomei could ask for my death.  You are free to ask her to authenticate them, as is proper, but please do not insult my survival skills by implying I'd try such silliess."

"I meant no such implication, but the... limit..."

"Little bro, do you even check your paystubs?"

"What, eu, no.  As long as it pays the bills, really."

"Well, it seems Auntie Mikhie just authorized a large fraction of both our arndan salaries as expense to get us a retirement savings plan."

"Do either of you have real estate that you wish to account for, either as assets, collateral, or just for disclosure purposes?  Our firm also offers tax preparation if certain minima are met, which in your cases are probably met by your monthly salaries..."

"So you'd prepare legal documents for us?"

"Like we do for Nameihomei Veneer and Legendary-Meritant Amarat himself, since they both have extensive foreign holdings, we assist them in paying the proper local taxes and the proper Kagomine taxes on both, as is proper."

"You ok sis?"

"No, I made such a fool out of myself..."

"Aw, sis don't feel bad, I think you did ok.  I didn't know you liked them a lil older..."


"He's got steel gray in his hair...  But you didn't over do it.  I expected him to give you his number though."

Burrshire Fund Management, Lunqui Zwei, Megamisama Drydock Complex #2, Suite 450, H2XH4S4H2   Please find attached the required documents for your signature.  I find myself at a bit of a conundrum, I desperately wish to keep my demeanour professional, but I was totally enchanted by your presence, and feel I miss it now that you've left.


Amarat Jr Veneer


Towards Lunqui Zvei


Lunqui Zvei


Towards Amarat Jr Veneer


Lusitania Van Pelt


Towards Lunqui Zvei


Lunqui Zvei


Towards Lusitania Van Pelt




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