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Ma Family

"Well hello there little one, you shouldn't be this close to the fire pit..."

"Uk, uk."

"Oh, you want to see huh? What is it you want to see?"

The toddler points over the mantle, to the stainless steel shield.

"My, you want to see our family crest?" Her great-grandmother (still a bit amazed to be one) picked up the crest and held it within the child's reach. "We were given this not that long ago."

"You were given this, honoured mother." Her son walked in, the first few grays at his temples making him looked distinguished, she thought. "I remember, you were given this in honour of being the first Aumhivina Kautanissian in Kagome in many generations..."



In 213BK, Ban Ma wrote a treatise, 'The Art of Peace', and was made a peer of the realm for it in Moniq, Hunarchate of. Some of his descendants, including Taipan Ma, emigrated to Kagomei during a time where the aristocracy was not favoured, and their own rights not as strictly enforced. These Moniqi's descendants form what is known today as the Ma Family, and are considered minor aristocracy, but without strong ties to any one other house.

Taipan Ma's great-grandfather was a Son of Lightning, as the Moniqi call them, aka Earlmage Kautanissian

gru'su daugull i╦łnyaunt (our actions reinforced by our descendants)

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