Great Kagome, Imperion of

"Welcome, Legendary Venatori." She barely hid her sneer, he was a regular visitor, but hardly a favoured one, although... he did take good care of his body...   "Meihomei. As usual, you are a delight."   "Flattery will get you nothing you haven't earned, Immy."   He slid his tongue brazenly across the closest of her earlobes, making her shriek. "You haven't earned that either!"   "Oh, I know, but you're going to make my life miserable anyway, I might as well get some enjoyment out of my torment."   "Careful you don't end up making my decision for me."   "Thank you, this water, it's very sweet."   "It's from the ancestral spring."   "You have your own spring on the grounds?  Oh, of course, you do."   "Of course I do, it's what let Innu Yesugai meet Kagome, the original, the first Kagome.  Without it, there wouldn't be an imperial family.  The spring and the well that taps it."   "So it's documented, where they met?"   "Their diaries say that's where it happened,Love at first soultouch on both their parts too, apparently."   "They soul touched?"   "Innu came to the well to tend to his wounds, and lo and behold, there was a priestess, only, she wasn't convinced he deserved healing."   "And then what happened?"   "I'm surprised you don't know the story, it was thought in school in my day.  Innu said she was a lousy priestess, and that she should heal anyone in need.  She replied back he looked like a murderer, covered in the blood of his victims.  He replied that it was the blood of his enemies, who had attacked first.  Then she started asking whose side he was on..."   "Go on..."   "He said he was on the side of people not attacking a civilian town by surprise, and that he would punish those that did."   "I bet she liked that."   "Of course she did, attacking civilians was against the customs of war even for the warlords of the time."
"So you've been to Kagomei, what did you think?"   "What?"   "Ninu, you've visited Kagomei, we're asking for your considered opinion."   "Sure, Princess of the second rank of the Nisei Kaji. What would you like to know?"   "Well, what are they like?"   "I am strange to you, and yet, I was raised in Eurani, but come from your own people, the Nisei and Kagomine are culturally and ethnographically quite close, closer than the Eurani. The Moniqans, that they despise as their ancient conquerors are so very close themselves."   "Some of that is biology, some of that is the conclaves wanting some groups of people kept together, for their own purposes. The Moniqans, while biologically compatible, are as different from the Kagomine from a theological standpoint as the conclave will allow..."   "That is a good point, and much of what allowed Kagomei to come together as a nation is tied to that. Their Magical Lifeguards, Chaplains and Spellcasting Brigades are unique in all of Arnd. And not for lack of trying by the Nisans or the Eurani."   "The Ajakamal Obsidian Spears predate those Kagomine-Specific Doctrines by centuries."   "Ugh."   "Yet, they are closest to the Nisei in political organisation, their most powerful sorcerer rules them."   "Does that help us understand the Kagomine?"   "In a sense, the Kagomine, like the Eurani, have experimented with the idea of democracy, of a rede paeoni, government of the people. It does not cover their current organisation, though, because they're a constitutional monarchy, not republic, at this point."   "Earlier than the New Etruscan?"   "By at least a century, which is strange, considering they were founded by priests, just like the Nisan. Their local legend claims they did so because the priestesses kept fighting over a man, so much he ended up dying. Same local legends claimed they swore to serve their fellow Seylons in response, and so founded a constitutional democracy, with four houses, called estates, at first, merged down to two and renamed houses, after the first century. But surely, you didn't ask me back here to hear what a child learns in their schools, and ours."   "Ah, so you are not unsuspecting."   The Nisan prince gave away nothing, Ninu thought, despite the fact that she had been kidnapped, by this woman's own superior! But then, she had been born in a family similarly steeped in politics, and knew quite well just how ambitious princelings worked in this cesspool of en environment. "Princess Midori..."   "First Princess Midori." He corrected, automatically.   "Isn't she first among equals?"   "Theoretically, yes, but by naming her his heir, the Magelord did give her quite an advantage."   "Such an advantage that it allows her to run risks?"   "Risks?"   "I am part of the embassy staff of Brescia. Even Nisei cannot earn our ire with Impunity."   "Yes, yes, and your father would mobilize all the military forces of the Eurani Pact against us. And it would do no good..."   "What?"   "They would all hit the wrong target, how would they even know where you are, or whose captivity you enjoy?"  


The Empire of Great Kagomé is a constitutional monarchy, often referred to as Imperion of Kagomei, Kagomei being a local word signifying Great Kagomé by itself, from Mei, great, superior, and Kagome, the family name of its founding rulers..



Kagomei is populated by just under 110 million arndans. They all speak Kagomine, although a splinter group in Innu Domei, or Innu Province, speaks it as a second language. This splinter group composes at least six million souls, but as many as twenty million, depending on sources.



Kagomei is composed of the Island of Seylon and the Island of Ao, snatched from Moniq during a border skirmish, earning Kagomei the epithet of Empire, instead of Kingdom, at that moment. This has caused all sorts of confusion and humour, as the Kagomei are famous pacifists, at heart, and the unlikeliest conquerors in Asirania.



Kagomei is a second-tier economy in size, just outside the G-12, and mostly allied with smaller nations whose economic oomph is just too small to get them over the hump.


Reputation and relationships

  The Kagomine are commonly known as the people of peace. With a Kagomine Namei, a "prince" often a character in foreign fairy tales, affable and kind, generous and often non-threatening, unable to offer protection from villains, from his own weakened position in the fable. Much of Kagomine's current upswing in arndan politics can be tied to their allies, as many of the strongest nations sanctioned each other, leaving the Kagomine and their allies strengthened. The Rhuthen League and New Etrusca, especially, see Kagomine as gaining from their losses, and are not happy. Since these strong nations were comfortably among the G-12, the rise of a smaller nation, allied with smaller nations, has led to the reasonable assumption that the next admission to the G-12 will be Kagomei, as unlikely as it may otherwise seem, from their sheer numbers.   A few diplomats, have stated, off the record, that the limits to the G-12 have always been arbitrary, and the exclusion of Kagomei always intentional. The erosion of their exclusion would be a powerful political and diplomatic victory for the current crop of Kagomeis.  

Traditions specific to rulership and administration

Any children born to a Kagomé do not inherit the name, unless they are first in line of succession. This has led some to pass the line of succession to all their children, so they'd all have the family name, and some others not to include the children in the line of succession at birth. Meihomei, the ruler, whose name means 'highest-of-highs', having the possibility to make family belonging and obligations retro-active, certainly has some bearing on that.

ME-30 Meihomei main article.

You can see more in this dedicated article: ME-25 Nameihomei, but the short version is that Nameihomei is like a vice-chief-of-state, vested with most executive powers, and usually selected from the ruler's immediate circle. They often have additional responsabilities, and the title itself comes with both ceremonial power, legal authority and has rarely ever been given to someone who didn't have plenty of that already.

Kagomei is an island nation, and it is common, both in Kagomei, and other island nations, to treat other island nations preferrably to landlocked or merely coastal lands, and for the purpose, subcontinents and continents are not considered islands. Therefore, Abendeen a small island nation, is treated better than Moniq, who rules an archipelago twice the size of Kagomei's, but which archipelago is a subcontinent in its own right.

Kagomei itself is considered an island because it is part of the Tsou-Goguryean Tectonic Plate, and it is not named after it, despite Kagomei occupying more than 50% of the surface above water, because it controls very little of the submerged areas.

Governmental organisation

Armed Services vs Armed Forces

Kagomine maintains a distinction between armed services, which includes its police forces, and armed forces, which are more military in nature, however, several organisations cut across this distinction. For instance, military medals are issued to armed services and armed forces indistinctly, and non-com organisations treat armed service non-coms and armed forces non-coms equally. On a similar note, the ASOR-10 Telbun, the top non-com rank for all armed services, can be held by either, and often rotates between services.

Kagomine is also the first Arndan nation to have a dedicated Space Force, and its air force was the third air force constituted Arnd-wide.

Kagomine Executive Branch
  Kagomine Legislative Branch
  Kagomine Judiciary Branch
  Kagomine Enforcement Branch
  Kagomine Assignment Branch
Kagomine Regency Council

Religion in Politics

Influence of Elemental Religion in Kagomine Politics


Kagomine Character

Kagomine in their element are hard working, humble and kind, wanting to serve the elements and enjoy their benefits. The many bounties of Seylon Island(Tcha, Cinnamon, Clove, Pearls, Granite, Sheep, Marble) lead many to believe they are blessed, and should succor and help others in need.





The Meihomei, the ruler, holds absolute power, held only in check by a constitution. Additionally, some higher-ranking nobles form a Regency council. Started when a child Meihomei came to the throne, loophole abuse allowed it to be turned permanent. Allowing a veto of some of Meihomei's decisions, mostly about the noble class, the inheritability of Meihomei status, and the conduct of Bameimeis(crown-princes and princesses) Nobles in order, see: ME-10 Domei ME-09 Hulkunmei ME-08 Raihkilmei ME-07 Wullmei ME-06 Anormei ME-05 Enengmei ME-04 Petmei/Auditor ME-03 Lanungmei ME-02 Feyd ME-01 Ryder   Nobles in Kagomei are described in the constitution, with specific legal powers, and legal and religious obligations(if one is not a priest, one must assign one for their flock, etc). Some nobles assign a priest or sorceror despite being one themselves, this is thought to be a case of seperation of powers, by some, but others say, since they can just reassign themselves, when convenient, that it is not as protected as it should. The debate rages on.


Their culture emphasizes fairness and harmony, but to them, fairness punishes the individual only in extreme circumstances,

there must be some other way

Is the phrase most fairy tales include

Public Agenda

Kagomei is considered to be a constitutional Monarchy, with limited checks and balances on a Monarch, but still vast autocratic power.


Largest Navy on Arndt, largest contingent of magic-integrated military forces on Arndt as well. Holds 95% of its own small-continent-sized island(the whole island is 2000000km2, so Indonesia-sized, but one single island, heart-shaped), with one tiny island conquered off Moniq to claim the "Empire" moniker.


Founded when a smallish group of priests banded together and fought off the Moniqan occupation that followed an age of warlords taking over the place. Allied with the famous Innu shipwrights who contributed a technologically advanced navy. The Moniqans, despite being a continent, were militarily and culturally horse archers and nomads and did not adapt to having a Navy until after Kagomei became an empire.


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Replaced by the Lai Dang Treaty Authority, who became a world government for the Arndan species, including its Massimo sub-species.

Demography and Population

A bit over 110 million people, spread over just under a million square kilometers on an heart-shaped island.  At least 50 million people live in the largest cities: Megamisama, Kimagure, Veneer, Byzance, Innu, Lavali.

Foreign Relations

Kagomei was started as a bit of an upstart on the world stage, isolated by its more powerful neighbour Moniq and often desperate for allies.  This however, led the Kagomine to become friendly and affable, working their new allies quite effectively in times of crisis.

Descended from heroes, eyes lowered for no one


  • Kagomei, and Island of Seylon

0 AK - 1101 AK

Geopolitical, Empire
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Kagomine Legislative Branch
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Kagomine Executive Branch
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