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Mahirkama Wallander

"I wear sunglasses in the rain. It keeps me from noticing the missing sunshine. The sunshine that's no longer there, without out. Without you."

— Sunglasses in the rain, International Occult Diplomacy, third album: Skeletal Containment

"Hey, you're not Lollander, what brings you to our lovely city?"

"What, it's that noticeable?"

"You're listening to that crap!"

"I thought ICD was a Lollander band?"

"It is, and we don't like them here. I hear they're all the rage in Kagomei... Wait, green eyes, you wouldn't happen to be Kagomine, would you?"


"I thought you needed a permit and stuff to even travel out?"

"Yeah, but I work for the state department, traveling out is my job."

"Oh, professional tourist, I bet that'll make lots of people jealous."

"It has its perks."

"Who is that, Amarat?"

"I am Mahirkana Wallander, I own this café. What will you have?"

"Moonbread, and you have winterspice?"

"No, we don't have any of that coloured-and-fake-and-full-of-spices here..."

"What about two Milk-with-Danjeeling, pepperspiced and sweet?"

"Oh, you're not on your first trip to Lolland, are you?"

"Actually I am, but I've been to Bruns before, and got a taste for it there."

"Our pepperspice isn't the same, I actually order some of theirs every so often, for myself, just to change up the taste. I love the local one, but I can use some variety."

"I know that feeling."

"I thought you said you were a tourist?"

"I am a tourist, but I also manage a restaurant. and no, I'd rather not say which one."

"Oh, the locals will be all over you, so mysterious..."

"And married, they better leave him alone!"

"Now, now, Flora, getting into fisticuffs isn't the way to spend your vacation."

"I'm not letting a Lolland tart cart away my bread and cheese."

"Oh, a fine pungeant one that."


"A lolland tart is a local delicacy, melted cheese over bread."

"How come I get reduced to bread and cheese?"

"hmm, cheesestick and melted cheese dear, don't think too hard..."

"Eww, is sex all that I am to you?"

"Now, I can't let you know that, can I?"  She grinned impishly.

"I'm sure she can make it up to you in other ways too..."

"No fair the two of you ganging up on me like that..."

"Wouldn't you like that..."

"Hey, my mind doesn't need that kind of help!"

"Mine either, to be honest..."


Amarat Jr Veneer


Towards Mahirkama Wallander


Mahirkama Wallander


Towards Amarat Jr Veneer



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