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Minao Island

Anciently a province of Moniq, but conquered by a stunning counterattack in 215AK by the Kagomine, Minao Island is, and has been, contested territory for the last 600+ years. Administratively attached to the province of Garay, regular ship and skycutter traffic keeps it in contact with the mainland. Starkastar and Kimagure are the two cities with the most relation to this distant land, even if the island is closest to Veneer in Didina Province.


A rocky island buffeted by the waves, it is nevertheless populated, having almost 10000 subjects, most of which claim both Moniqan and Kagomine ancestry, and practicing a blend of both cultures with zeal.

Natural Resources

Being considered Kagomine territory, Minao supports a large fishing fleet drawn from Kagomei, as well as enhancing the Kagomine pearl trade with its own local cultures.
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