NFOF-08 Taimine

"Hey Zim!"   "Nice to see you Quinn, join me for lunch?"   "Sure Zim, so what's new and exciting now that you make whole Fleets quiver in fear?"   "I don't quite make Fleets quiver in fear yet, I'm still assigned to this Flotilla, for that matter."   "How does that work?"   "Oh easily, Medjen is the minimum rank you can have and command this many ships. Promotions come to Meihomei's Own commanders like water on a duck, and with about as much disadvantage."   "I had noticed, Taimine Calloway spent how much time before becoming a Nessun? Two years?"   "17 Months. Saying it's short is like saying an explosion makes a little noise."   "No one seemed surprised though."   "You become Meihomei's personal driver and her window into senior officer's thinking. It's bound to have some impact."   "And now that's your job."   "Well, I was number two for it for the last two years, it's not quite unexpected."
Civic, Military, Commissioned


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