SC.2023.23. Old Tsou City


"You two are very lucky, you came here at exactly the right time."

"Well, we did ask six months in advance... We knew this was going to be good..."

"Normally, foreigners aren't even allowed to see the old city at festival time, but you asked in advance, so I was able to get your visa cleared, with the authorisation for the city, thanks to Auntie and Kwit Ehael Tsimori."

"I still get a 'wowsers' reaction, just thinking he had to approve it himself."

"Oh, he did, but then, when auntie said he was going to, there was really no point in him resisting. She's like a cat herself a bit..."

"Oh, how is Dali?"

"How do you even know his name?"

"Dentrag offered him a home for a week, while the embassy was being built, before you two met."

"Oh? Why you?"

"Someone had to, Linni said it wasn't seemly to let him stay with the sisters full time, or he'd get them all pregnant."


"Err, yeah, Linnaeus..."

"Undersecretary of State for Classification Van Pelt? And Cat Ehael of Kagomei?"

Cat prince

"Cat ehael Van Pelt, yes." Meaning cat prince Van Pelt.

"Why call him one title over the other?"

"In Tsou, at least, a Cat ehael ranks first or second in our state department."

"And as under-for-class, he'd rank number three in our state department, but as a cat prince, he doesn't have a fixed rank."


"No, well, I'm sure there's a minimum rank for a cat prince, but the last three or four had other titles that were higher, including 'crown prince' and 'valour-keeper of Kagomei'."

"What's a valour-keeper?"

"The Valour-keeper of Kagomei is the Fount of Honour through which Kagomei recognizes all meritorious conduct, they are directed to lead the Honour Convention at Meihomei's direct pleasure, and are responsible for all military awards and promotions, and most civilian awards in Kagomei."

"Hmm, can I compare it with something else?"

"Bearer of the Dawn Standard, perhaps. Although, in Kagomei, the valour-keeper doesn't only receive one, they're responsible for handing them out to others."

"Yi! Oh, mind this paper dragon group there."

Grand Square of the Dawn

"Thanks. Ohh, that is most skillful!" Piersa took pictures as the paper dragon folded and unfolded its coils to simulate a dragon undulating. "Oh, and what's that?" She pointed across the ancient cobbled street.

"Oh, that's the Grand Square of the Dawn, we're going there next, I'm told."

"What? Isn't that where the palace is?"

"Well, of course, and you're an attache at the embassy, you have to be properly received."


"The king's own son, Kwit Ehael Tsumon asked to receive your letters of creance himself! You must be so proud!"

"What? But I am not dressed to speak to a prince!" Piersa was wilting visibly.

"Now, now, Piersa, that's what your dress uniform is for, you're a military attaché after all. I think Linni saw this coming, he sent your medals in a safe at the embassy before we got there."

"What, my medals are in a safe, at the embassy?"

Embassy duties

"Yeah, that's what his text said..."

"When did he send this?"

"While we were in transit, I'm sure he sent you the original, but sent me a copy in case it got lost, air traffic tends to make texts get lost after all."

"He'd know, he spends more time flying than me, and I'm a fricken full-time FlyForce pilot!" She'd been bitterly disappointed how much time she was spending writing paperwork at 'squadron', and impressed by how much flying time a civilian in the state department could rack up, which had inspired her little career 'diversion'...

"Now, now, he's also doing his job, he is Jade Administrator for all the embassies..." So IT Director for the people on earth following along...

"Oh, that's what under-for-class does?"

"Well, kinda. I'm sure it's more complicated than that, but, and this is kinda important, he's 'intake' on any new attaches, for sure."

"Oh, yeah." Piersa, who'd selected Personnel as her next specialization, knew 'intake', getting new employees oriented was one of the watchwords of any personnel organisation, even one as old and dignified as State. "They don't have a seperate personnel department?"

"Given the amount of Jade tech involved in securing comms, I imagine even if they did, they'd do it all through Jade anyways. Oh, excuse us Moka, you are taking us there?"

"I am granted the privilege of an audience with the Ehael only thanks to your presence, Piersa, I plan to make the best of it!"

"What? But you're a member of the royal family!"

"There's almost a thousand members of the royal family, most of which live in the old city, we're almost our own ethnic group, us Tsumon, at this point."

"But you call yourself Tsu, not Tsumon, on Kagomine forms?"

"Oh, that was transcription error, I asked for it to be corrected months ago... Hopefully it will be fixed soon."


Only twelve thousand people call the old city home, all of which are officials of the government, usually mid-level and above, or relatives of the ruler.


The old city, centered around the five principal squares, is an extension of the royal palace, and is governed by the mayor of the palace.


Apart from an aqueduct and fortification walls dating back to the founding of the city, all infrastructure was ripped out of the inner, older city, and moved to the outer, new city, where it is easier to maintain. The inner core is mostly ceremonial, governmental, and only three ancient roads remain of the ancient footpaths that used to dot the city.



Each of the five squares, or plazas, has a different feel, with:

  • the Square of Peace, Old Tsou City the location of all embassies
  • the Square of Jade the location of the revenue ministry
  • the Square of Readiness, Old Tsou City the location of the ministry of war
  • the Square of Silk, Old Tsou City the location of the culture ministry
  • with the Grand Square of the Dawn being the location of the royal palace and given to its dependencies.

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