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"What is this place?"   "This place, Zim Fehr, is where we see the world as it truly is, not as we wish it to be."   "You know my name, I would know yours."   "I am Ilkin Kurilya I am a Technical, from Rhuten. I have been here a year."   "I am Loosie Fehr, I was Yamagandi, then the pilgrims were shot. They were heroes, martyrs, and no one did anything."   "No one ever does anything for the single article, especially not when the terrorists strike."   "How dare you!"   "Not your people, the ones that hijacked the plane."   "Was that proven? I mean..."   "We found their diaries, it's not like they needed to write some..."   "They could still be post-facto..."   "We checked for that. We also checked for things they couldn't know... Couldn't account for, that Nessuna couldn't know she made the right call, expected your people to call her a murderess, an enemy of Yamagand, but she killed dozens of Yamagandi, and she saved thousands of Kagomine, perhaps even tens of thousands, you can never be sure when a large hospital is struck."   "You can never sure..."
Technology Complex


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