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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an animal associated with, or symbolizing, power
A total of 414 entries

The Manticores of PÈRYL

Aurrum: Mountain Goats of Leshiven

Královské symboly moci

Golden Moose of the Otona Mountains

The Royal Crest of Krah Iiz

Silver Dragons - Lords of the Frigid North

Dreadnautilus - "The Natural Warship"

Wendigo - Agartha's National Creature

The Phoenix and The Ice Cat

Hard keratin worship -- Ungulates

The Ebon Winged Thornsilk

Moon: The rarest of all breeds--Heaven's Hound

SC.2023.04. Silver Maskfish

Vhalten-Aneres of the Mourning Sea

Ba'agkunavara: The Moon Eater Serpents