World Anvil Gift Subscriptions

World Anvil gift subscriptions are a gift of both creativity and organization! Purchase a digital World Anvil gift card for the authors, writers, Dungeon Masters, or creative loved ones in your life.


For new or aspiring
Writers & Dungeon Masters.

$90 $76


For experienced
Dungeon Masters & Authors.

$145 $96


For professional or aspiring-professional
Authors & Dungeon Masters.

$350 $299

How to give a World Anvil Subscription as a Gift

World Anvil is one of the most perfect gifts for writers, worldbuilders or DnD geeks! Here’s how you give a World Anvil Subscription as a gift:

  • Click on the World Anvil gift subscription you want to purchase
  • Fill in the details. There are DIFFERENT fields for the gift-recipient’s details and yours!
  • The gift-recipient will receive an email containing a code and instructions. They can use this code to activate their World Anvil gift subscription.
  • You will receive an email containing a summary of your order.
  • If you have any questions or issues, please email us at [email protected]!

Will the gift recipient be able to upgrade their World Anvil gift card?

If you currently have an active World Anvil gift card and would like to upgrade your subscription, please email us at [email protected]! While our regular subscriptions are automatically upgradeable and pro-rated, our World Anvil gift cards are not - but message us and we’ll take care of it for you!

I’m looking for gifts for Writers! Which is the best World Anvil gift subscription for authors?

If you need gifts for writers or authors in your life, a gift writing software is the perfect idea!

As a gift for a new writer, the Master World Anvil gift card is ideal! It gives access to all the core worldbuilding and novel writing software features they’ll need to write a novel, and create their setting and characters.

For professional writers or authors (or an aspiring professional), our Sage subscription is designed to help not only with writing and worldbuilding, but with publishing and marketing too!

I need gifts for Dungeon Masters! Which is the best World Anvil gift subscription for DMs?

Gifts for Dungeon Masters should make their life easier! For a new DM, the World Anvil Master subscription will help them organize their campaign, their setting and their players!

If you’re looking for gifts for Dungeon Masters with more experience, the Grandmaster subscription comes with allow them to customize and gamify information in their setting and world!

And if your DM dreams of publishing their setting, or going pro as a Game Master, the Sage Subscription will support their aspirations of becoming a professional!

What about gifts for Worldbuilders? Which is the best gift subscription for that?

Gifts for worldbuilders can be tricky, but if you’re looking to give the gift of Worldbuilding, then World Anvil is the ultimate choice!

Our Grandmaster tier is the most perfect of gifts for worldbuilders, giving access to advanced tools and customization to really craft the world they dream of!

If you’re looking to give the gift of Worldbuilding to someone new to the hobby, a Master subscription is the perfect place to start.