Imperial Kagomine Border Guards and Customs Controllers

"At ease, you must be the new intake! I will be your new Kon, I am OR-06 Bow Materheus Flandingham  and as far as these holy docks  of Kimaguray are are concerned, I am GOD!"   "Zim-Zim-Zim!"   "And you are?"   "We have been detailed here from Megamisama, where we used to guard Megamisama Drydock Complex #4. Zim!."   "Oh, number four, is it? How did you like working at the beating heart of our Navy?"   "We go where we're told, Zim!" They answered, but their attempt at replying in unison wasn't perfect.   "It's useful, crucial work there, but it's very routine, how long can you watch people sanding off a ship's keel before it becomes boring?"   "Zim!"   "But now you're here, so that makes the whole lot of you my problem! Do you even know what we do here?"   "Watch for oranges falling from the sky?"   "Ha, ha, very funny, between here and Tsou, which is not that far, mind you, only a few hours by boat in that direction, and Abendeen, in that direction, lies most of the Orange Production for all Arnd,  and none of the locals would let one go to waste if they have a say in the matter.." He pointed out the two neighbouring countries, perhaps sixty degrees apart from this vantage point.   "So why is that proximity important? Are we at war with them? Heavens no, the Nobles would have kittens to take arms against either, even if they're much weaker military than we are. Must not insult the Moniq who'd certainly take a dim view of our imperialistic expansionism and adventurism... After they basically wrote the book on both topics and got thrown out of the Eurani Commonwealth for their trouble."   The new border guards sniggered.   "Except... we still have a pretty important duty to do here lads and young ladies, would any of you know what that is?"   "We gotta watch for smugglers?"   "That's one."   "We gotta keep counterfeit goods from reaching markets?"   "That's two. What's number three? That's usually the hardest for you young folk to imagine."   "We gotta keep goods from getting out, either at a discount, or without a license, or without the dues paid?"   "Ohhh, you got some smart ones, they didn't warn me about that... Yes, we make sure we don't let any of the bad things in, including, sometimes, invading armies, when the Navy is .... busy dying elsewhere... but we also make sure the things that are meant to stay in Kagomei stay there, whether or not it's restricted goods, the duty fees, taxes and other amounts owned to Kagome for making those goods or importing them, and people. Each year, our border guard catches a hundred people being kidnapped and brings them home.


Reports to Kagomine Armed Services as well, in a ceremonial manner.


Port cities closest to foreign neighbours have large Border Guard Garrisons: Harhui, Kimague, Veneer, Megamisama

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Emerald Sloth
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