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NFOF-01 Flag Officer


Academic Proficiency, Academy graduation are graded on a numerical scale, as well as other performance indicators to select the best officers to promote to flag rank.


There must be a flag-post to occupy, either from constituting a new unit, or replacing a demoted, retiring, going-to-reserve or otherwise inactivated officer.


The flag officer two-to-three posts higher makes the decision, on advice of his chief of staff(so no officer below OF-05 can make such an assignment, and it usually devolves to an OF-06 or more). Flag officers in the of-09, of-10 range are personally picked by ME-30 Meihomei, on advice of her interservice chief of staff, the OR-10 Telbun, as well as the service's head of the staffing service(nessun-opm for the navy, Consigliere-PPP for the army, Eagle-PPPP for Flyforce, etc...) Such a thing is highlighted in pomp in circumstance, at the palace, with a second, more private ceremony, at the headquarters of the armed service in question or a nearby building(Megamisama Drydock Plaza Complex #2's Kannie's is infamous for the raucous party welcoming new Nessuns)
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Flag (such is assigned as representing his duty station, usually an entire base, installation or ship), Flag-True, Flag-Bridge
Equates to
All flag officers have a minimum level of authority of OF-03 (see OF-03 Adjen, OF-03 Skua, OF-03 Jeff, OF-03 Quarter Sun, special forces are so used to operating independantly, they do not have an officer below OF-04 but an OF-04 Blaster is of course, considered "flag-rank", he is equivalent to OF-04 of other services.


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