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ASOR-10 Telbun


"I am no lord, I am just a soldier."

"And yet, your appointment as Telbun has more prestige than many a lord."

"I let others worry about prestige, I am concerned with Duty."

"A perfect response, surely, you've been well trained."

"I train others, at times, it behooves me to listen as well."

"Too perfect, surely..."

"Yes, a Dandelion I am, I wouldn't want to anger my relatives, who are many, puissant and well connected."

"Oh, yes, wouldn't want to insult my family, you'd get a black mark."


"Ami Meiho, scion of the Dandelions, and priestess, with the Dignity of Aumhavar of Mountain Home, and second fetish, a pleasure, cousin."

"A Meiho, and from Mountain Home, would you know Sosua?"

"He is my first cousin."

"He is my third cousin, I have been exchanging correspondence, he mentions visitors of import."

"Mountain Home seldom has any other kind, but I suspect you mean Mikhala Kagomei, Domei of Didina."

"Ah, he never mentioned her name or title, but I suspected at least a Hayley. Let alone a Dandelion herself by birth."

"A Hayley? For the third in the line of succession? Such a suggestion would get you in the small graces of the family, cousin."

"Please let us not say more, and tell me instead what brings a priestess of the Nine...."

"I am not of the Nine, cousin, I am Aumhavar, not Aumhavar-Meiho of Mountain Home, but I am second of Fetish, not First, Fetishest is not mine to claim, I am mistress of rituals."

"Mistress of Rituals? Maybe not of the Nine, but the next best thing?"

"And you, you speak to Meihomei as her trusted subordinate, sit on the committees for the Merit of Honor, and the Knights of Emerald."

"I serve in my way, cousin, and I don't begrudge you yours."

"You're... you're not even a priest!"

"No, I am not, I know the hearts of men, but without magic. You... know better than I ever can."


Needs to reach OR-09 first, in any of the Armed Services, so can be raised from life guards, border guards as well. Among the OR-09, should the post of Telbun be vacant, one will be raised.


The post must be vacant


Meihomei must declare, by Edict, that X is the new Telbun. This is normally accompanied by a celebration at the palace.


Is the exemplar of all virtues of all soldiers and non-commissioned officers in Kagomei


Becomess the XO of one of the OF-10s Reviews, and counter signs appointments to senior staffing officers(not staff-level officers, but hr officers above division-sized groups) up to and including literal chiefs of staff(in fact, all officer 'staffing' positions, denoted **OF-09P must bear his approval to be valid)


Is granted a Ryder title, and authority equivalent to a military judge for disciplinary purposes. Salary is 150% of the next lowest rank. Can request audience with Meihomei, it is guaranteed to be granted, and within 72hrs(like an OF10 or senior Minister

Accoutrements & Equipment

Uniform with singular black baton device, topped with a platinum cabochon. Has a flag of office:

Platinum diamond within a silver diamond, on a field of white, with the monogram of the Monarch on one side, and the initials of the Telbun on the other. Before 610AK, a seperate flag used to hang from the first, listing the Telbun's many deeds, since then, that flag stays at headquarters, as a 5m long banner's weight would rip the flag.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Needs an Edict of Meihomei to remove, would require extraordinary circumstances


Before 790, the holder Marhamat Dandelion rose from the lifeguards, between 791 and 814 Tadros Dandelion from the Navy, and the current one Mariwolfe Tannenbaum(in 814) rose from a multi-service carreer that included navy, ground forces(as a dock chaplain), fly force, and space force, with at least one detachment to special forces.
Civic, Military, Not Commissioned
Current, and highly valued and rewarded, seniormost non-com in all of the armed services. Is routinely famed among Kagomei's enemies as the example of dedication to duty that cannot be bought and can hardly be found.
Form of Address
High Kon, First Kon(the last two for high-ranking folks themselves), Zim(for most anyone, including civilians)
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Life or retirement, once given up cannot be reattributed
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