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Imperial Kagomine Naval Forces

"Welcome to Megamisama Drydock Complex Plaza #1, how can I assist you today?"

"I'm here to see Namei Amarat Veneer Junior."

"I'm sorry, I do not have... Oh, wait, please excuse me, Tiger-Striped Javelin Bundle Veneer is at liberty, he is not on base right now."

"Of course, I asked him to meet me here during his liberty."

"Who can I announce?"

She took a deep, irritated breath, obviously, he was new in the capital, otherwise he'd have known the Empire's de-facto executive officer. She debated telling him, then faught the impulse, deciding it was beneath her. "Tell him his mother is here."

"His... mother?" The orderly at the front desk knew that name, Veneer, of course, the lord of Veneer, that rich city on the coast... Why was it important, he knew it was just on the tip of his tongue... Merciful Elements! "Please abide here, noble Bameimeito ... Perhaps some coffee?"

"That title is not mine to claim, I am not the heir."

"Of course, I'm sorry, I'm so terribly unused to ..."

"Members of the immediate Imperial family?" She faught hard not to laugh at his discomfiture. "You should address me as Nameihomei, it is the only proper form of address."

"Of course... Na-meihomei."

"So this is Navy headquarters? I thought my son was in FlyForce?"

"Your valorous son, the Meritant of Honour, Feyd Veneer is in Flyforce, but seconded to the Kagomine Sixth Fleet for the purpose of being the staff officer of the entire fleet."

"I'm so proud, my son, Aumhava to so many."

"He has the trust of the elements, it's plain." She paged him, wondering if he'd have his jade bank handy. He must have, for a few moments later, he was walking in."

"Officer of the deck, you said my mother was waiting?"

"Kon-Meritant-Zim, your esteemed Mother is here."

"I stand at attention to orders, Officer of the deck."

"You are at Liberty, Kon Veneer, so I can only order you to have fun!"

"Appreciate that, Deck! Thank you."

"So where are you taking me, not that dreadful Kannie's, I hope?" She was kidding Kannie's was perfectly acceptable in her book, she just wondered if he'd try to do something... less ordinary.

"I have booked a table for us at the Redoubt, mother."

"What, but that's all the way in Alessia!"

"Where you're expected the day after tomorrow, mother, if we hustle, we can have you there early, and spare your body some of the jet lag."

"How considerate, and no relation to the fact that the chef just pulls out a new menu for the fall season, right?"

"Oh, would I time things so conveniently? I'm sure you have me confused with someone as good as yourself, perhaps."

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