NFOF-09 Nessun

"There is a motion on the table to change the table of organization and equipment. Nessun Rosval , if you would explain?"

"Thank you, Nessun-President, Due to the size of the Navy, there's been difficulties in arranging for effective leadership of larger-than-division elements. This has caused efficiency to plummet, and only one specialized, under-division-strength unit seems unaffected.

It seems the division size that works best for ground operations is not ideal for those operations involving multiple ships, especially the operations involving carrier-based void fighter aircraft." He paused. "But that is misleading, I've been conferencing with senior officers from our sister services, and the division size we use was imposed arbitrarily, due to a requirement of past Jade Bank specifications, which no longer apply."

"What are you saying?"


"That me, and my colleagues at the conference will make it a formal recommendation that Meihomei increase division size to 5000 servicepeople. With provisions for temporary assignments up to 10000."


"How would that affect the members of this body? Would we be expected to command 10 times our numbers overnight?"


"No, there would be a transition period, as divisions are reorganized. However, many members of our society would be demoted below divisional command, based on merit."


"And who would lead such an initiative?"


"The Telbun has been tasked with leading this initiative, he is to review every divisional-level officer's performance, along with a panel of Divisonal-level officers that have been preselected by Meihomei."


"I thought you had a proposal for us? But it seems, you have a fait accompli."


"Meihomei has made it an edict, but I believe if we cooperate, we can minimize the impact on our own careers."


"Do we have friends on this panel?"


"Secretary Herringbone, Nessun-Honour Maelle Comma, Eagle Ria Baker are all pre-selected."


"Those names are friends of a few of us, but not of everyone? Do we know why they were chosen?"


"The latter two were chosen because they have experience leading higher-than-divisional forces successfully, managing expectations of less-than-divisional officers and letting them shine."


"Why is OPM not on this panel?"


"OPM is under judicial review at this time, and Nessun Rolli is on administrative leave."


"Who dares review one of us?"


"That would be me, Nessun-President, by Edict of Meihomei, you are to defend her in my court when it is next in session. Please sign for these documents."


"Presiding-in-green Sealer?"


"Well met, Nessun-President Gloval!"


"What are the charges?"


"Complacency and failure to enforce Title 65 in the case of Amarat Veneer Junior, leading to the publicized trials at Megamisama."


"Those are baseless if anyone fought to be independent, it was her."


"Meihomei feels she should have had better results, methods and effort are good, but Meihomei needs results. Meihomei made an edict, as a member of this assembly, that those here were too closely affiliated to the accused to be impartial, hence I was picked. Meihomei does expect my impartiality to mean if she acted rightly, for her to be exonerated of all charges. My remit is to investigate whether or not some other tack could have been used and how it affects the Navy."


Later, in Megamisama Drydock Plaza #1, Main Audience Room.


"All rise, Special-Justice Presiding-in-Green Caith Sealer, arriving!"


"Representative Global, please ask the Usher to admit the accused."


"Usher, if you would be so kind, Nessun-OPM Jima Rolli." Walking in, dejected, the red-headed normally fiery Rolli just skulked, as if already defeated.


"Read the writ of accusation for me, Usher."


"It is the will of the Valour-keeper of Kagomei that this court investigates the righteousness of actions undertaken in regards and in response to the allegations of Title 65, inappropriate Chaplain-Officer Fraternisations, in Kagomei's Sixth Fleet Flag Department. Preventative actions and actions taken of a non-judiciary nature."


"Representatives, make yourselves known."


"I am OF-09 Nessun-President Henrik Global , I have served on the Nessun-Council for twenty two years, it is my signal duty to defend all members of my college should the Nessun-Honour be unable to discharge this duty."


"I, special prosecutor Regime Douallé Moneydime represent the state of Kagome in this matter, it is my first case as an accusatory party, as I'm fairly new to my rank."


"A Regime from the lifeguards, how are you here, Moneydime? Why not a civilian?"


"I am in service, part of the armed services, but I am not part of the armed forces, let it please the court."


"Let the court take note of the distinction, it is valid and signal to the proceedings. So you know what it is to serve, to serve with your life, but you are not beheld to a commanding officer?"


"My commanding officer, Felyx Shibué Dandelion, Supreme Commander of Meihomei's Security Detachment, Decorated Emerald Knight of Kagomei and Meritant of Honor with Cordon, is all the oversight I've ever needed."


"I can see why you'd think so. And so of course, the Valour-Keeper is known to you?"


"The Fount of Honour selected me when his own daughter recused herself."

"Will either of you have assistants?"

"I call Nessuns Kannedich and Taimine Oskher to the stand, if it pleases the court."

"You both are known to me, I have no questions. Respected Moneydime?"


"I would call to the stand OF-05 Maser Caiaphas Vain and OF-05 Maser Jack Paper , as my assistants, let it please the court."


"I've not heard of you, nor of this title, Maser, what branch of the service are you both?"

"We are part of Meihomei's Secret Keepers, recruited from all the other services to receive special training in deniable operations where a small team can do what a large army cannot."


"Oh, Meihomei has activated the Special Forces of the Kagomei , and you both are members, at the lowest commissioned level?"



"I know this is classified, but this proceeding is also classified, only currently serving officers of Meihomei's various armed and unarmed services are allowed to attend, and any who leaks any of these deliberations is in violation of title 93, regarding secrets and their unlawful distribution. Meihomei may make a deliberation to unseal records after the trial is over, until then, everything we say here that is repeated constitutes Treasonous Conduct against Meihomei, and carries the heaviest possible sentences. Am I making myself clear, when I say you can speak freely about your secret service"


"Since we can speak on this, your statement is accurate, Presiding-in-Green."

"You two are probably even greener than the Régime, as assistant prosecutors, you are not to speak unless spoken to, and the Régime has to have the floor to decide for one of you to speak. Is that clear?"


"We understand, Presiding-in-Green."

"Officer Rolli, in this court you are a regular citizen, your achievements, merit, are all trash I am at leisure to ignore. My intent is to find out the truth, and to expose it. To that effect, I have deployed magical spells that will unveil falsehoods. How do you plead?"

"Not guilty. may it please the court."


"Do you wish to make a statement?"

"I do, Presiding-in-Green.  I would let it be known to the court that I took no action against Kon Veneer for two reasons." She paused.


"The first reason is that I knew he was innocent, I had cast a spell on him myself, to ascertain whether or not he was using his power to influence promotions, years ago, on my second meeting with him and the spell was still going strong. And so I knew he had no intent to influence or diminish those around him."

"The second reason is that I had, through classified investigative methods, discovered an Invader conspiracy to plant evidence against him, in order to bring an assault upon Meihomei's reputation and honour, and upon the morale and loyalty of both Kagomine Nobility and Naval Forces."

"And this evidence?"


"I've made my representative aware of the name of a witness."


"Representative Global?"


"Usher, please admit the Invader Prisoner known as Vabrak Maladi."


"You are?"

"I am Vabrak Maladi, I am a member of the armed forces of the coalition, I was captured at Meihomei's Palace at Megamisama by Prime Minister Sothlee de Byzance."

"What were you doing there?"

"I had been infiltrated months prior, my mission was to provide intelligence assessments to my superiors to affect the conduct of WHAT this court calls the Invasion."

"Since you don't call it that, would you care to clarify what you call it?"

"Operation Djenni Happo."


"And what is its goal?"

"Obviously, to win you over with friendship and love? I do not call it an invasion because we do not have enough forces to hold the ground here, not for any other distinction, and while I do not agree with some of the decisions of my superiors, but they are my superiors, and I do what I am told by legitimate authority. I am sorry so many have died."

"Arndans, or just Coaliation?"


"Obviously, I regret one more than the other, but I don't think, not after living among you, that military action was the only possible option." There was a burst of whispers from all around the audience.


"Order in my court! Order in my court! If you will not be calm, we will be adjourned!"


Minutes later.


"Adjourned until the following week."

  In Megamisama Drydock Plaza #2, sixth(top) floor.   "Welcome, members of the Nessun College, to these proceedings, to those that don't know me, I am Secretary of Defense Valias Herringbone, to those that do, I am their worse nightmare." Small guffaws greeted this. "I have been tasked with reviewing those of you who will have to take a temporary reduction in grade, Meihomei has made it clear that the prior pay grades will remain for all affected servicemembers, and only new appointments upwards, or unrelated demotions for cause, will cause any diminishment in pay. With me is Nessun-Honor Comma, which should be similarly known to you, she co-signs with me most of your paychecks, after all." Friendly murmured greetings fuse.   "Thank you gentlebeings, I bring with me Eagle Ria Baker, Wingmistress sixth fleet. Since we know who you are in general, but not the particulars, please introduce yourselves."   "I am Nessun Rosval, in overall command of Byzance Shipyard for Meihomei."   "I am Higherself Tandy, I command the forces of Megamisama Halo Base , just outside of Megamisama-city."   "I am OF-09 Nessun Ominari Calloway , I am assigned to operations here in Megamisama Drydock Plaza #1."   During a break in the proceedings.   Maelle asked Ominari Calloway: "Can we talk in private?"   "Of course, tacks." After they got out of sight. "Still got the hardness of brass tacks, not a single give in you?"   "One way to find out... Tell me, what's this poppycock of you being a Nessun Still?"   "You're well informed."   "You're OF-10 Meihomei's secret keeper Ominari Calloway, in charge of Meihomei's Special forces. You shouldn't be here."   "I was asked to be here, I am specifically to be reduced in grade to Taimine, Meihomei wishes to appear like I am singled out for not having effective command of the required size."   "You have a larger command though."   "No, I command a Service, my responsibilities are broader, but I am not ultimately responsible for soldiers moving together to capture individual objectives. I can't believe I'm explaining this to you, you're my counterpart for the Navy!"   "I know, except the Navy is now almost 300000 servicepeople, while no one will tell me if you even have a thousand troops to your name."   "Oh, the majority of my troops are not standing troops. I can 'borrow' troops from any, and all, of the other services, if there is a need. And I have the cadres to absorb them, but very few specific troops, and few permanent officers. And my officers are all flags, to boot."   "And this fiction?"   "It is a fiction, since my old rank and my old identity, indeed, exists only to attract attention away from my new persona and my new responsibilities."   "Mister Tcha, eh?"   "Precisely."   "Why that name, I wanted to ask..."   "Because I have Low Tcha with Meihomei for the asking, I thought it was poetic."   "So obvious! And I missed it."   "Where's the Telbun? I know Tadros was supposed to lead this panel."   "Tadros is re-evaluating our numbers on a global basis, we're being the face of the operation, if you will."   "Doesn't that misuse him? It's not like an ex-Telbun with a Merit is going to lack credibility."   "He also attracts attention, we only invite him if one of the Nessuns is being... obdurate."   "Oh, seems I got distracted, myself..."


At sea command of a division-sized fleet(1000 sailors, until the Christening of Northern Diagonal Flare, then it becomes a fleet of at least 1500 sailors), but that counts paper strength, and fleet in being, so it can be lower


Pass the officer academy program in the top ten percentile Can only be promoted from the next lower level rank(Taimine)


The ceremony has the Honour of the Navy walk the candidate to the Nessun College, a large section of Megamisama Drydock plaza #1, which is functional as a Tribunal , Admiralty and War Planning Office. The honour hands the officer their commission and they are sworn in by The Dean of The Nessun College, otherwise known as the Nessun-President


Administer his fleet


Meet with Nessun College one day a month when not deployed


Base lodging

Accoutrements & Equipment

Shoulder braid in pink gold and platinum

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Until death, medical disability discharge or retirement at age 60, or dismissal for cause, which is treated like treason
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Alternative Naming
Nessuno, Nessuno + specialties
Equates to
Eagle Pulsar
Source of Authority
Related Organizations


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