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Lai Dang Treaty Authority

"Treaty authority, this is Freedom Soarer, challenge is 15-lemma-queso-queso."   "Freedom Soarer, this is treaty autority, why are you 3 minutes early? Identify!"   "Treaty Autority, this is Kestrel Irrivan Matsumoto We had to clear our hanger, the new anti-virus cleaning mean we need to stay in the air between shifts longer, Squadron Leader, identify."   "This is Skua, World Surfers-actual Piersa Ouranos, Clarify change in procedure, Moto-san."   "Procedure change is minor, aircraft need to be on-standby in flight for 3 minutes longer, and total flight envelope is reduced by six minutes, well within tolerances for either."   "Except those tolerances always expected we could be on-deck on-board ship. We're without friendly accomodations, we'll discuss this at squad, Kestrel, World-sufers-actual out."   "What got into her?"   "I dunno, Treaty Authority sounded exciting not that long ago, didn't she have to splash some inbound?"   "No, well, she didn't make the call, Fleet called it."   "So our beloved Shrike is the one that ordered that airliner that got taken over splashed?"   "Apparently, she bumped it up to our very own Nessun, just too many civilians."   "Guess both the Shrike and the Skua are going to have a very tense conversation with the Nessun about why it was necessary, and why they should have made the call."   "I called you both here about that call on the civilians."   "Zim-Zim-Zim." The two women answered, the slim, almost tiny blonde and the more substantial redhead both dwarfed by their flag officer, whose athlete bulk was no accident, MaĆ«lle had been scouted as a professional rower before entering the Academy, where she was still part of the elite rowing team, when duty allowed, at any rate.   "I want to review the information available to you, when you made those calls, and the information available to me. This isn't an inquiry, I have the power of Tribunal, but I choose not to exert it, it wasn't as clear-cut as anything you could be taken to court over should be."   "Here, this is the track, the Yamagandi airliner was flying towards Megamisama-city, call sign 21321-pilgrim."   "Do we know why that code?"   "It was a pilgrimage, Yamagang natives heading to Magadi for the temple there, and some returning Loronis and Magadis. Yamagang's too small for a direct flight, so they fly to Lai Dang first."   "Ok, tacking into the wind first, then that 135 turn."   "Not too out of turn, that wind channel off Seylon is nasty, not wanting to buffet your passengers is a good idea."   "Ok, but you saw something wrong."   "Yeah, they should have taken route 1-1-2, over Moniq, or 2-2-3, over the ocean, Seylon's mountains make for turbulence, no reason to fly into it, especially not between Kimagure and Megamisama."   "Have they found the flight recorders?"   "Yes, they're being analysed, results expected in a month."   "Zim?"   "Yes, Skua Ouranos?"   "You're not trialing us, but you're still raking yourself and us over the coals for this?"   " not wrong." The senior officer's voice broke.   "Zim, we won't tell, but pulling the trigger on 250 people, you don't have to pretend it doesn't faze you. It DID faze both of us. We couldn't make the call you did, you already impressed us, so no reason to bottle it inside."   "As much as I appreciate the effort, Piersa, I'm holding together."   "Whatever you did, I need to get me some of that. I'd be a basket case."   "Ehh, well, I did see my sweet baboo."   "Snuggling?"   "Yeah, what about you Flora, did you see your Namei?"   "No, I can't he's on TDD, won't be back for two days."   "Who authorized that? He's STILL one of mine!"   "His mom, Secretary of State, Domei, Nameihomei Mikhala Dunkehl, Star-Emerald Knight of Kagomei."   "Ouch, ok, you can stop reminding me a Nessun's pretty small in the grand scheme of things now."   "Put yourself in my shoes, that's my Mother-In-Law!"   "Sympathies, that's gotta make for intimidating family dinners."   "Yeah, I've met him, and thought he was intimidating, and he's not even half the raw intimidation factor his mom has." Piped in Piersa, who had been interviewed by Amarat for her current job.   "Mom-in-law is the nicest, scariest monster this side of Meihomei."   "Who'd be worse? Than Meihomei I mean?"   "Only person I can think of would be the Aumhivina Kautanissian, and that's just because Kagomei is a pretty small country..."   "Whereas?"   "The Earlmage and Aumhivina Kautanissian have authority over a third of Arnd, each. that's why there's three of each."   "So, Moniq? Goguryeo?"   "Sothlee de Byzance, Aumhivina Kautanissian has an Aumhavar stretching from Ozziland to Meiora, to Nisei, to Saami, stopping before Rhuthen, including Qing, Goguryeo, Moniq and Hand."   "Does the Earlmage match up?"   "No, but it's complicated, he skips Saami completely, but has authority over Madagi, while his Loroni counterpart reaches past Rhuthen and some very westerly New Etrusca."  
  "Yes, Vice-undersecretary Van Pelt?"   "Meihomei, Commissioner of the Eurani Pact Natalia Dell'Auro would like a word."   "Here?"   "I believe I overheard the reason: 'when a hundred people die, you don't wait to demand an explanation.'"   "Oh, Elements have mercy, this is going to be an awkward conversation."  
  For comparison, this is the diplomacy web for the g12(group of 12 by name, but there are 15 countries, similar to our earth, the group name and the count doesn't match up) largest countries by GNP in Arnd. 100% of the countries signed.  


A merging of two prior treaties, it has two defining characteristics:

  1. a commerce component
  2. a mutual defense component

Participating nations rotate out taking leading roles in the alliance depending on their participation, either through financing alliance activities or through military contribution

Treaty authority:

  • Title given to a body that represents the treaty's interests vis a vis its members
  • Traffic control over treaty-controlled areas, to prevent Coalition invasion
  • Peacekeeping efforts
  • Commerce, tariff and trade enforcement activities
The original treaty authority for the pact of Eurani was Moniq(and Goguryeo, their ruler was in personal union), this is a little known fact now, and treaty enforcement falls onto a force composed of no less than 51% mercenaries hired for the purpose, but the 49 remaining per cent can be treaty nation armed forces, Because of the innovation shown by Kagomei, their Cormorant aircraft are de facto treaty airspace authority, as no mercenary equivalent yet exists. Their military contribution reflects this.

Demography and Population

The alliance is basically "most of a planet" at this point, it's almost 5 billion strong.

Foreign Relations

The aliance was created to oppose the invastion by coalition forces, it has no other foreign relations.

Togerther against the invaders

Founding Date
Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
ex-Rannick Treaty Authority
Lai Dang Nations
Leader Title
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Eurani's self-named Eura, NuovaFirenzese Thalers, New Etruscan Dinarii, Moniqan Zhou, Nisei Sen, Tsou Pin and Kagomine Tchador are all accepted at set rates(set for six months, and the rate changes, and is republished, at that interval), others can be exchanged, but the rates aren't fixed.
Official State Religion
Related Ethnicities


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