SC.2023.06. Battle of Minao Island

Minao Island, located off the coast of Moniq, but belonging to empire of Kagomei, is a textbook example in Arndan history books of why you should respect your word.   In 45AK, still struggling to establish itself as a nation, the small realm of Kagomei found itself attacked by its much larger, much stronger militarly, neighbour: Moniq, despite Moniq being a founding member of the Pledge of Eurani, and bound by it's non-aggression pact. General Xanethar Thiffli led an expedionary force numbering over 75000 total fighting forces into Kagomei, hoping to capture the then-capital of Innu city.   Springing into action with energy born of desperation, Matsu Dandelion, new ruler of Kagomei, mobilized every force he had, and issued edicts that upgraded then-civilian forces of border guards and life guards to military status. The border guards were assigned to garrison duty, keeping a tight lid on major cities, while the lifeguards were assigned to morale-keeping and sorcery-based duties on larger military units, from ships to cavalry. This proved so successful, the classification of such forces went from purely civilian to 'armed services', reflecting what was a current practice of the time for coastal forces and military police, but not general police, in Eurani.
— The Politics of Minao Island, an essay, by Tatsuma Rhuten, Lavali University Press, 810AK.

The Conflict


Innu Palace sacked Kagomine capital moved from Innu, to Megamisama


  • Minao Island becomes part of Kagomei
  • Kagomei declares itself an empire, instead of a kingdom, due to the former now possessing territory untouched by Kagomé, its original ruler and namesake
  • Historical Significance


    Kagomei, especially Kagomine diplomats get tagged with the sobriquet: princes/princesses of peace

    Technological Advancement

    Moniqan rulers are so underwhelmed by the performance of their Navy that they begin phasing it out.
    Included under Conflict
    Conflict Type
    Battlefield Type
    Conflict Result
    Kagomine victory enforced by the Eurani


    • Moniq



  • 60000 infantry
  • 5000 cavalry
  • 6 Glory of Dawn-class warships
  • Casualties

  • 5 Glory of dawn warships sunk or incapacitated
  • 4500 cavalry routed from the field
  • 4000 infantry sunk with the warships
  • 14000 infantry captured
  • Objectives

  • Capture Innu city
  • Kagomine Armed Services

    Led by


  • 4000 magical gendarmerie "lifeguards" more akin to police
  • 12000 infantry
  • 3 Innu-class first-rate sailing ship
  • Casualties

  • 2000 infantry captured
  • 2 Innu-class first rate sailing ship scuttled
  • Objectives

  • Defend Kagomine Territory
  • Strength

  • 200000 infantry
  • 10 Maltiv-class First Rate Sailing Ship
  • 20000 heavy cavalry
  • 40000 light cavalry
  • 2000 elite light cavalry: Maltiv's ale-riders
  • Casualties

    Two sailors lost at sea and retrieved after 24 hours.


  • Stop the fighting
  • Declare that the power relationship changed from Moniq > Kagomei to Eurani+Kagomei > Moniq as punishment for military adventurism on Moniq's part

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