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The Wungli of the Red Rat

"We are live today at Megamisama Palace Museum and Gift Shop, where The Wungli of the Red Rat is being displayed."

"Yes, Maury, this is a rare event, the Wungli is the official uniform of the Feline Advisor to Meihomei, and he is wearing it to most official functions, however, all week, he is expected to be out of the country on diplomatic functions, and has agreed to lend the mythical cloth back to the museum."

— Megamisama Nightly Broadcast

"Fancy seeing you in Toutatis, Zim."

"Oh, hi Boo. I thought you were going to call me Linni?"

"Err, Linni." She was blushing so hard, but probably not for the reason he imagined, calling him formally had been a deliberate, intent act on her part.

"Who's with me on my trip back to Lolland?"

"Firrson, Zangief and Moreta."

"Guess we'll have enough for cards."

"What's the purpose of the trip anyways?"

"Ostensibly, I'm seeing if there's anyone we match with in Lolland for Kruk."


"I'm just summoned back to cast a vote in the re-election of the local monarch, actually."

"You have a vote in other monarchies?"

"Yeah, one or two."

"I thought that was your sister?"

"Well, she has a deciding vote, that's different. My estate in Lolland is smaller than my house here, and affords me just one vote out of hundreds."

"Do you have a deciding vote anywhere?"

"Not at present..."

"But your parents did?"

"My great-grandfather had a decisive vote in Brescia."

"Wait, Gubba-12 Brescia?"

"And you're on a first-name basis with the ruler of Moniq, who's arguably top two in the gubba-12, your point?"

"What, who?"

"Exalted Xiang Xhi, ruler of Moniq, and Excelsior."

"And you're leaving your old ratty robe back home?"

"I lend it to the palace museum a week at least each year."

"How old is that thing?"

"Seven hun..."

"Honour me sideways... It's seven centuries old?"

"Seven and a half, if the manuscript I got with it is accurate, It belonged to Matsu Dandelion, who asked Analecta-who-was-Meihomei to bless it."

"It was blessed by the founder of Kagomei?"

"Yes, at age ninety-seven, apparently. She also apparently borrowed it, and wore it for a year and a day."

Item type
Clothing / Accessory
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It's a unique exemplar of a lost manufacturing process. It's been blessed and worn by a legendary priestess and founder of the Kingdom of Kagomei.


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