Aumhavar Lifeguards

The most secret unit in the entire Kagomine Armed Services, their mission is not classified, but their composition and training is. What none but the closest Kagomine allies know or suspect, is that they are the only fully sorcerous bodyguard troop on arnd, and furthermore, the only such troop trained in takedown actions over their prospective principals, achieving success of one in three in simulations. Officially, this training is classified from those principals, however, Mikhala Veneer, as ME-25 Nameihomei, is cleared for everything, but for extra irony, originated the program when her late husband was killed by a sorceror he mistakenly thought friendly. Whether or not her own lifeguards can take her out is unknown, and considered somewhat unlikely.
  Aumhavar lifeguard troops routinely get assignments that disguise their true importance, either by fractional assignments or literal assignments that didn't happen.   Only the very seniormost levels of government who are themselves sorcerors get a full unit assigned, of which there exists a quarter-division(250 troops) total. Meihomei's own lifeguards cross-train with Aumhavar Lifeguards, but are not themselves Aumhavar Lifeguards despite Meihomei being "Aumhavar of her own self" (above common priest authority in Kagomei). They are also not trained to take down Meihomei, such a thing had been suggested, and was so violently refused by Mikhala at the time that some feared for their physical integrity.     "Nice work Senya."   "Thanks Firrson, sometimes I do have to write up reports too..."   "Aw, don' t be like that, I was being sincere."   "Sorry lover, I'm under a lot of pressure lately."   "Let me guess, being Shibue's number two isn't easy..."   "What, you..."   "Come on, I wanted it, but I didn't think for a moment it would be easy, nor that it would be mine if I wasn't the absolute best candidate. You won, fair and square."   "Ok, thanks, that, means a lot... What are you doing?"   "Just giving you a backrub, tense-lady."   "Hmm, I missed this. I miss fooling around with you."   "Well, we can't land ourselves title 64 or 65s, especially not with the jobs we have..."   "Yeah, how did Shibue manage?"   "She found a principal, turns out no one made a rule against that..."   "Oh, there are rules against principals, just not against principals as low on the totem pole as Linni."   "What? You're not supposed to use his name..."   "He's my adoptive brother, if I call him anything else, he'll probably box me, or ask Amarat to do it..."   "What?"   "Look, I don't quite advertise the sad story of Tallson Moray and Amarat Veneer Senior, but it is real, and I almost got adopted by Amarat's mother, but politics, so I got adopted by her brother in law and sister in law instead, Linni's dad and mom."   "How come I never met either?"   "They've both passed sadly. I was orphaned twice. Linni and Luci are orphans now too. But they were in their late teens, so not quite the same shock."   "And they're related to Amarat how?"   "Sally, mom, was Amarat Senior's younger sister. Charlie, dad, was his brother in law."   "Listen, I know the Veneers are imported aristos, no way they were 'only' that..."   "No, Sally and Charlie were set to inherit between themselves the titles of Electoral Princess or Prince of Saer-Natthingham, Lucumon of Ferrare, Mastarna of Benevento, Mastarna of Bramant-Reigundy and Mastarna of Bater, although more than half of those they weren't the only candidates."   "I stopped my brain when you said Princess, then Mastarna thrice... That's like... Domei-level!"   "Electoral Princess is more like Nameihomei, technically, but hereditary, but the rest, yeah... Domei of Innu even."   "I was born here, I've lived here all my life, I've been staff for the Domei of Garay, explain to me what's special about the Domei of Innu?"   "That makes it simple. Why do you think you've been staff for the Domei of Garay?"   "Err, why that one you mean?"   "Yeah."   "No idea, she was born there?"   "No, Meihomei reserved Domei of Innu for her own use, because it was the most prestigious, profitable, etc etc."   "Garay's a consolation prize?"   "Yup, a yummy, juicy one, but a consolation prize all the same. So much that Nameihomei 'holds the Domeidom of Innu in trust' for Meihomei, but cannot legally claim it."   "Some days, I swear they make these things up to trip me up..."   "No, this one's easy. If Nameihomei was legally Domei of Innu, like back in the days of Jaesa, she could(and did) challenge Analecta for the title of Meihomei."   "What happened?"   "They... were lovers, they fought, but ultimately, they made peace. It's not an accident that some history books say Kagomei was founded by the first polycule in Arnd."   "A polycule? I thought he'd died?"   "He did die, but they couldn't stay angry at each other, not after he sacrificed so much for the both of them, so they made up. Kagomei's got four lesbian couples on the throne, it's not as much as some, but it IS the first to have any, at least, officially, Analecta and Jaesa were officially co-wives when they founded the place, and contemporary reports state they kept referring to Innu Yesugai as the missing link in their polycule. At any rate, going back to Innu, if you consider it by itself, as an economic entity, it breaks the top 100 most productive economies, because of its agricultural and dockyard industries."   "And Megamisama?"   "Breaks it too, it's 99th, just barely. It doesn't help that it's so much smaller, but the population density is a factor, oy vey, 12 million souls! And all that industry, they're not idle either."   "Megamisama, Innu and Byzance are the major defense contractors, I'm only shocked they're not bigger."   "Bigger than what? Kagomei's breaking into Gubba-12! Someone used to say the rule was economy was such and such size, Kagomei's outgrowing that!"   "Yeah, we are the 15th economy in Arnd. Wait, they don't even bother to upgrade the name of the org anymore?"   "No, apparently, that's expensive, and everyone knows how much of a status symbol it is, anyways."   "How did we get that much status?"   "Oh ye of little faith..."   "What?"   "Auntie, and her crew, including Linni and Luci, they've been signing up trade partners and military aid deals and Marquarry and Sirius and all of that, if you want military that can help fight off the invaders, they got a package for you."   "Oh, your bro and sis are helping?"   "Bro and Sis are ... well, whover underestimates them better have insurance, is all I'm saying."   "And Amarat?"   "Whoever counts him before the chips are down better bring a second, because Amarat's just slaying lately."



The basic unit is the individual lifeguard, organized further into two groups of five, called a prism, each under the authority of the lifeguard with the most seniority. While for regular lifeguards, that could go as low as a private, and indeed, the regulations allow for such, LGOR-03 with medium Half-stripes for their rank are commonly the least seen composing even the least Aumhavar lifeguard, and to be invited to lead such a unit below LGOR-05 Ganglia is normally seen as a compliment and sign of expected rapid later advancement. For the purposes of shift assignment, a prism is the least amount that can be exclusively assigned to a single principal.   Two prisms become an ingot, and are led by a commissioned officer. A bronze leading an aumhavar ingot is rare, and a Brass routinely leads such a unit. Two ingots form a binary, with two attached commissioned officers(brass+), and one extra non-com(Ganglia+), for a total of 25. There are currently 10 aumhavar binaries, these rotate around assignments to: Ci-13 Kagomine Prime Minister, CI-11 Kagomine Secretary of State, CI-12 Kagomine Secretary of Defense, ceremonial assignment to Mountain Home and it's coterie of uber-powerful sorcerors, etc. A prism is routinely rotated in and out of any academies to make sure students don't try to overthrow their teachers/something weird isn't going on with the sorcerors in the member societies.   Thanks to backdoor deals, LGOF-07 Gold ShibuĂ© Dandelion, though nominally the leader of both Meihomei's squads of lifeguards, is considered a division level-officer, for the purposes of personnel assignment, and leads the quarter-division of Aumhavar Meihomeis currently serving(all ten binaries), as well as an complementary number of ceremonial guards, bringing her to division-level:
  • Meihomei's first lifeguard
  • Meihomei's second lifeguard
  • Meihomei's third lifeguard
  • Meihomei's forth lifeguard
  • 0026th Imperial Kagomine Airbase Security Squadron "Academy Vanguard"
  • 0025th Imperial Kagomine Airbase Security Squadron "Headquarters' Pride"
  • A potential reorganisation, either in the above units being bit down into binaries, or the binaries being reorganized into navy-sized squadrons is being evaluated. Shibue, and most lifeguard officers who spend time with principals prefer binaries as those are organized around the rotations around one or more principals. Trying to fit the lifeguards into the bigger picture of the armed services would go the other way, but right now, few officers will go against Shibue in this, her father's recent passing, and her recent relationship with Linnaeus Van Pelt in the state department, reinvigorated her authority according to sources close to the matter.


    Every three months, the "Detail" tries a takedown run on their principal, trying to neutralize all the principal's sorcerous powers.


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