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Robyn Frobanasynnia Kagomei

"Flora, this is Robyn Frobanasynnia, she runs the palace for me."

"Meihomei, you're joking right, this is a cat. The largest cat I've ever seen, to be sure, but just a cat."

"Robyn Frobanasynnia is above your criticism, and thinks you are rude."

"Let me guess, the Robyn owns her position, and anyone trying to take it from her will be behaded."

"Do not be silly, Robyn Frobanasynnia is Rembrandt's great granddaughter, and needs no outwards signs of ownership to know you're her servant."

"Rembrandt, the Rembrandt? After which buildings and awards are named?"

"Mother loved that cat so very much... So a decade and a half later, Robyn here, is legally a Nameita and one of the mayors of the palace."

"I imagine she loved Rembrandt even before he sacrificed his life for her..."

"But of course, Rembrandt was a lovable murderfloof, caught napping at all hours of the day and in the most impossible positions."

"Oh, a professional napper then? Not a professional ratter?"

"Well that too, or more of a chief ratter, several of Rembrandt's children were much better at ratting, he was supervising."

"Supervising. I bet."

"It's nice to have you to myself for a change, Flora."

"Such a nice invitation to low tcha, how could I resist?"

"How's my hero?"

"Amarat? He's fine. How's Shen?"

"Shen's learning to stand up. Amarat is just fine? You two are newlyweds, if he's only fine, his standards are slipping!"

"Well, I'm not going to dwell on the details, not to someone who could have vetoed our Herevallin."

"He's too young for me dear..."

"Lord Imravar is only three years older."

"Yes, but I don't chase Immy, it's the other way around."

"It must be lonely, being Meihomei."

"Thankfully, I always had Mikhi, and Robyn, yes, such a good girl you are, you murderfloof." The cat was rolled up in her lap, purring.

"And Amarat?"

"Once he became old enough to have conversations with, but by then, I was set in my ways in many ways."

"Amalthéa-who-is-Meihomei, Mikhala-who-is-Nameihomei would like a word.

"Why do the servants always refer to you and Amarat's mother so formally?"

"It's morbid, not formal. They always refer to us by names and titles, reminds everyone that the titleholders are replaceable, and since the palace staff are the only ones doing it, they're also reinforcing their own importance.

"Amarat-who-will-soon-be-Nameihomei sent this for your seal and approval, Meihomei."

"Oh, Transfer of Ownership of Shares affecting a majority of shares extant, Title 074, I haven't ever seen one of those!"

"It's an important document?"

"Oh, yes, especially this one, only a Domei could pay this amount."

"Why does it say, Feyd then?"

"Because only one Feyd was Domei of Megamisama when he became shareholder."

"Domei of Megamisama? Must be some puissant lord."

"My heir back then, Amarat. Your spouse."

"And this transfer of financial interest?"

"To you, read."

I, Amarat Veneer the second, double-Meritant of Honour, Meritant of Honour, Feyd Veneer, Lanungmei of Kimaguré, being of sound mind and body, and legally responsible, petition Meihomei for approval of all my outstanding shares of Burrshire Thataway, save for two thousand and twenty, in date of 815-12-41, to Flora Rolli, Meritant of Honour. As of latest reckoning, this includes eighty thousand(80000) shares. All voting privileges vest to Officer Flora on that date, and she enjoys all privileges and advantages thereof. The twenty remaining shares to be sold and the monies put in escrow as guarantee. I am to retain the two thousand shares in my own personal right.
— Transfer of ownership of majority of shares outstanding form, as per Kagomine Legal Code, title 74
Big silly visiting monkeys. Why are they bothering our royal persons?   Ahh, that scratched the right spot, must be why we tolerate them   My human must be tired, she's pretending not to notice the redheaded she monkey has rutted recently, she all but reeks of it. Hmm, oh i know that smell, so she's been with young monkey. That's what i call my royal's sister's son. Guess she's getting everyone to like her, good, people who give good scratches aren't thick on the ground anymore. Not since grey monkey left. You know, the grey monkey with all the colours on his chest. He was nice, he once spent a whole evening just petting me, until we both fell asleep.   This space is nice, but i prefer the one that smells of the sea, this one smells of sweaty socks sometimes. Pity we can't go to the other one more often, less monkeys there. I love to sun myself on the big monkey shaped stone, but the monkeys seem to love watching it, never proper privacy for a good sunning.

"Do you have any idea how much trouble that cat is, on a legal front?"   "Enlighten me."   "She was adopted, by Meihomei herself, like one would a child!"   "Domei Mikhala was adopted, by Meihomei herself, when she was a child, and now she's Nameihomei and first in the line of succession..."   "That doesn't make it okay, a Felis Catus is technically second in the line of succession, ahead of Amarat, because of that."   "Take a deep breath. No one is fooled. Robyn is only second in the line of succession for people who do not pay sufficient attention."   "Enlighten me?"   "Robyn is a cat, she can influence who rules, but cannot rule herself, and Amarat has been her favourite human for as long as she's been alive."   "So he's... the Bameimeito?"   "Like I said, for the people who have been paying attention, Amarat was the heir."   "And for the sleepy?"   "For the sleepy, they pay attention to the cat, and who she sleeps on... Which is much the same thing. That cat..."   "Has Robyn slept at Responsible Disclosure?"   "When Amarat is called away on Navy Official Business, Nellun Frangibald takes Robyn Frobanasynnia Kagomei to Veneer for an expensive Vacation."   "Why do you say expensive?"   "Nellun Frangibald doesn't work cheap."   "But he's paid for, he's assistant-Sun'ga for Responsible Disclosure."   "Oh."   "So he's just picking up strays?"   "That's a pun, and a good one."   "Unintentional, I wish I could clain credit. How good is he though?"   "He's been in the employ of the Domei of Garay for almost fourty years now. His diplomatic skills are quite impressive, as he's self-thaught, just like his charge, Nameihomei Mikhala Veneer, herself."   "She... learned it on the job?"   "Like one does, being the daughter of Schoonvance Venatori and Meltran Kagome. Her idea of 'can handle it' would probably impress our viewers."   "The things she can handle are on the list of 'dawn bearer standards', when it comes to Nisei and Moniq. Whatever she thinks is 'difficult' probably qualifies as 'impossible for lesser folk', if not 'we ennoble people for less'."   "You say: 'We ennoble people for less.' like it's happened before."   "It has happened before, and the people who made it happen are Knights of Kagomei. I'll just skip the books of honour, I mean, really, it's 3-4 pages of reading, you can read, right?"   "Noyjitat!"   "If you're going to use that kind of language, my agent is going to throw a fit."  

"Your target, should you feel up to it..."


"That's a four-legger..."


"And yet, legally second in the line of succession. Some of your predecessors envied that cat, fiercely."


"How important is that cat, really?"


"You'd be surprised, her sister is a tie between Kagomé and Moniq. Her uncles and aunts to Saami, and Sarn, her great uncles to Brunswick, her grandfather has a statue in the palace and a medal named after him, and grand-grandparents are Noble in Goguryeo."


"And her great-great-grandparents?"


"Her great-grandmother was the fly in the ointment for which Noyjitat was coined, and appears on some statues of Jud Armillar Sardé, de Vilar.


"Phoenician, himself?"


"Phoenician, themselves, please, they have pronouns."


"How high do they rise?"


"Never ask that, not of Phoenician's get, not of Phoenician's own. You'll get dizzy at their heights."

  "Ooof!" Flora's breath left her body painfully.   "You ok?"   "I am, but damn, she gotta give a warning when she sits on you, that behind of hers is heavy."   "Maow!"   "She does need to lay off the gaigang..."   "Miau!" You traitor! Was implied.   "Pass me that brush?"   "Here?"   "That's not the one I asked for?"   "This is Robyn's own brush, I keep a brush for each of them, just having too many illnesses going around."   "Oh, good thinking." She started stroking the elderly cat. "Oh, you like that huh?"   "Mew."   "How did she get this big?"   "She's the same size as Rembrandt, I imagine that's why she got this size: genetics."   "Grandpa, huh?"   "The very same."   "Miau." Don't forget my ears, she seemed to say. "So her mom was this big too?"   "Yes, here." He showed her pictures.   "That's a lot of Gaigang-eating capacity!"   "You have no idea..."   "Mau!"  


Amarat Jr Veneer

Favorite Human

Towards Robyn Frobanasynnia Kagomei


Robyn Frobanasynnia Kagomei

Favorite cat

Towards Amarat Jr Veneer


799 AK 815 AK 16 years old
Bright green
Black eartips
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Grey with black tiger stripes
8 kg


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