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The Lai Dang Accords

"Thank you all, dignitaries, prince and princesses beyond measure of worth or dignity, beyond compare, I welcome you to this conference again, for the second set of sessions, now that we have gotten the preliminaries out of the way, there is potential hope for a treaty among us, the likes of which had never been seen in Arndan history. I yield the floor to Natalia Dell'Auro, commissioner of the Eurani Commonwealth." Spoke Shousson Dialekki , mayor of Lai Dang and their hostess.   "Exalted dignitaries, lords, friends, colleagues, rivals, enemies and inconsequential twits, I will not waste your time with banter. We are faced with a threat to our existence, to the survival of Arnd , and of us Arndan as a free people. As the Commissioner of the Eurani, my role is that of a mediator and coordinator, allowing the largest free trade zone in Arnd to function efficiently and without friction. We must do the same, only on a much larger scale, allowing a new military alliance, that will help us defeat those invaders, and repel their crafts and ships from our lands and shores. Our very survival is at stake, and any petty grievances or interests we hold to our breasts we should let go, as they will be much better addressed when we're not fighting these aliens whose might is unprecedented, and whose resource limits are unknowable. We have been brought together here to forge a new treaty, out of two existing ones. I refresh your history, and dispel some 'auntie-knows-best' rumours here, the Pledge of Eurani was originally negotiated across this very bay, in the city of Hayn, by the first ruler of Moniq, and the first ruler of the Blegia , whose successors are among us. It was originally a mutual defence pact, as every one of sense should know, only, it started as military and quickly became economic and commercial. I like putting that as having the same enemies does not make you friends, but your gun is pointed in one direction, so your wallet is open in the other. Our weapons are pointed at the skies, our wallets can stay pointed at the ground, where those who would enslave us aren't! I yield the floor to Domei Mikhala of Garay, Nameihomei of Kagomei."   "With respect to this audience, I must, perforce, yield the floor myself, to Meihomei."   There was a commotion. Nameihomei and Meihomei were not commonly seen together, and when they did, the situation had gone dire. Was Kagomei sacked?   "Noble and Honourable gentlebeings, I am Amalthéa Kagomé, Empress, that is Meihomei, of Kagomei. I join you today with some special guests, accompanying me today are Prelate of Yamagang Yabusidera Rennadar, Trireme Minoro Prince of the second rank of the Nisei, Orange Prince Furuken Tsimori , Magistrate of Abendeen Luanoo and, last but not least, Goguryeo VI Al-Samsang Primarch of Goguryeo. They've all reached out to me to join the treaty organization to some degree, and I've given it a lot of thought. Why should our enemies defeat be the only good of this crisis we are all in? Couldn't we ally together in friendship and strength? I petition you all to consider the benefit of this alliance on a military aspect, defensive as it is and will remain, but also on a commercial aspect, where free trade, within strict guidelines, would help our economies recover from the ravages of war. I have instructed my people on some of the particulars, and they have given much thought to others. So it is thought and known, I have spoken." The crowd dissolved into the planned breakout sessions spread over the convention centre.   After a first breakout session totally uneventful, at the second, regarding free trade commercial exemptions:   "Nice speech, I guess you wanted me at the military council then?"   "No, I just wanted your take on the speech, are we making progress?"   "Yes, your speech is hitting sore points with many of the folks, and the Eurani keep saying 'if the barriers go down, it's for your benefit as well as ours.' Everyone repeating from the same playbook is having quite an effect." Someone known to them came closer.   "Hunarch Xiang." She saluted.   "Congratulations from our Mei self on your Mei efforts here, you're doing good work, and many of those who wavered before are finding firm ideas of their own."   "Mikhala has been instrumental in a lot of that."   "So has her son."   "Amarat, he's here?"   "He is, and the Magelord of the Nisei joined his ambassador, they are making inroads, both in convincing others, but also in convincing themselves this may just work."   "Amarat is doing that?"   "He and the Magelord are apparently acquaintances since his childhood."   "Ah, yes, I hired a tutor from Nisei, I had no idea he'd become Magelord later..."   "How's our security situation?"   "Treaty Authority reports full readiness, but minimal enemy activity."   "How Minimal? Just one ambassador killed or even hurt would affect the cause."   "They tried another of their biological missiles, it was shut down over the water, and the disposal crew called. An hour later, the disposal crew gave the all-clear."   "Do you see yourself are more Moniqan, or Kagomine today, Hunarch Xiang?"   "I don't need to choose, not today, both my interests are aligned. Making friends is good for both.   "That's what got Mikhala to start this process, although it's been a struggle."   "What, the princess of peace, struggling? Say it ain't so..." Xiang was teasing, for all of Mikhala's reputation as a negotiator, the sheer scale of negotiation meant it couldn't have been easy.


Create an alliance to expand the Rannick Treaty and the Pledge of Eurani, against the invading Coalition.

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Mutual defense pact against the Coalition Invaders Extensible, in a participatory manner, in a free trade zone with other signatories. Note that the free trade here allows for cultural exceptions only, and too many exceptions nullify the free trade, basically, if you have important local trade to protect, don't bother. (Actual contents pending)


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