Imperial Kagomine Department of State

The second smallest department by headcount and budget.


  1. ME-25 Nameihomei
  2. CI-11 Kagomine Secretary of State
  3. Undersecretary of state
  4. Vice-undersecretary of State
  5. Auxiliary Vice-Undersecretary
  6. Assistant Auxiliary Vice-Undersecretary
  7. Senior Voice of Meihomei
  8. Voice of Meihomei
  9. Military Attache
  10. Mission Chaplain
  11. Messenger of Meihomei
  12. Mission under-chaplain
  13. Mission Communications Specialist
  14. Mission Communications Technician
  15. Mission Clerk


Outsiders are often confounded by the need to confuse and misdirect displayed by the employees of the department.  an auxiliary vice-undersecretary may not defer to a vice-undersecretary, and vice-versa.  The reasons for this are not known, but outsiders know better than to ask, they tried asking... after fourteen unsatisfactory, and very fanciful non-explanations, they realized they won't get an answer better than "the will of Meihomei."   Between embassies, the hierarchy is subject to the same as the rest of the diplomatic corps, so, within a country, there is strict seniority at play, the one in place first wins by default.  Senior Voices of Meihomei are equivalent to Regim/Taimine and the like, regimental-level officers, with responsibility for embassies with staff numbering in the hundreds, and responsibilities for upholding trade relationships whose values is counted in hefty fractions of the country's total GDP.  The Senior Voice of Meihomei to the Eurani Pact and the Senior Voice of Meihomei to the Moniqan Hunarch are the twp most honoured appointment and rank higher than even the undersecretaries whose roaming responsibilities leave them ill-suited for a long term relationship with a friendly power.
Governmental, Department
Alternative Names
Number three, Rainbow Peacocks
Parent Organization
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